2005 stolen election & massacre by the TPLF; plots to enrich Tigray while subjugating Oromia; the invisible route for Ethiopians returning from Saudi Arabia

4 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


    Mekelle opens first engine factory, marking Tigray’s strategic industrialization. Should Tigray’s progress come at TPLF’s systematic deprivation of rest of Ethiopia?

    በነቀዝ መድኃኒት ራሳቸውን የሚያጠፉ የኦሮሚያ ወጣቶች ቁጥር ማሻቀብ ሐኪሞችን እያነጋገረ ነው

    It’s a mindset/political culture in Ethiopia today things should be done at someone’s expense – the TPLF has institutionalized

    The Economist likens Ethiopia’s false choice of development over democracy as evidence of its choice to become Africa’s house of cards

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