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17 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)



Assume for a moment dictator Meles Zenawi had been a good leader for Ethiopia. He presided over Ethiopia for 21 years, both as its president and prime minister until his expiration in 2012. Of these years, Meles ruled the country single-handedly in eleven of them, unchallenged and with iron-hand. From 1991-2001, the TPLF experimented in sort of a period of collective leadership, which to some degree had made it tolerable, a far cry from its present mode of governance, as an ethnic dictatorship over 95 percent of Ethiopians.

Yes, no doubt Meles wanted Ethiopia developed, just to a point, in order to enrich his poverty-stricken Tigray, a region un-endowed with resources. This is no time to debate the rights and wrongs of his economic policies. Suffice it to state that the policies have been chosen to effectively serve the Front’s political objectives over Ethiopia.

In other words, it has been a hotchpotch of Albanian and Chinese socialism, while in terms of immediate goals internal control was its priority. Since this is not sufficient to donors and investors, the TPLF-run Ethiopia hoodwinked them by portraying itself as an aspiring market economy nation with managerial and institutional problems.

Tigray, the home of the TPLF has been poverty-stricken, as were and are Wollo, Afar, parts of Gondar and Shoa — a typical Ethiopian reality — while Somali region was just dry, the population largely nomadic and agriculture not one of its gifts. These lands are parched, depleted of vegetations over a long period of overuse. On account of that, the people have constantly been the first victims of the cyclical drought and famine that especially since the early 1970s the frequencies of whose visits have shortened.

Of course, Meles had his cruel ideas for Ethiopia: use its resources in order to accelerate Tigray’s development exercising maximum authority. That is when the rule of law in Ethiopia began to go out through the window. It has also compelled TPLFites to suffer integrity and honesty crises.

To realise their goal of Tigray first as quickly as possible, from day one TPLF began to emplace Tigreans in positions of authority. That is why for the past 26 years Tigreans have been put in all positions of leadership, education and professional skills not being a must have requirements.

The new guerrilla fighter-turned-state-leaders set out by announcing everywhere Ethiopians must pay compensation to Tigray because of the devastation it had caused on the region fighting its war against the ‘liberation struggle’. To put this into effect, some lowly TPLF members set out by disassembling water and electricity installations to transport to Tigray.

On the other hand, the TPLF fighting force was turned into the national army without the consent of the Ethiopian people. Most shocking to Ethiopians to this day is that the nation’s longstanding army that had heroically defended it was disbanded — with the hardline position Meles Zenawi took. They were let to the streets with humiliation, their pension rights not recognised; most of these men are seen begging in the streets. Shamelessly, the TPLF called them back for action when Eritrea invaded Ethiopia in 1998, and stayed in the force until they repulsed the invader.

On the other hand, for each and every Tigrean fighter that became a member of the ‘national army’ under the TPLF, or those serving in a different line of duty got similar pension right beginning from the day he or she joined the TPLF — without contributing a dime to the nation’s pension fund.

Tigray First in every respect, not even first among equals

Even in the TPLF constitution, approved in December 1994, of all Ethiopian regions, Tigray is written first without any logic or justification. That had implications to line ministries and government offices. TPLF inebriated Tigreans, falsely assuring them that they are the first born in Ethiopia’s fake federal arrangement it claims to have put in place, and yet which has proved incapable of solving the country’s continuing problems of ethnic inequality.

Meles chose to proceed to transforming Tigray. He began to do this through transfer of Ethiopian resources to the region. This anomaly has not only continued to this day in an intensified manner. But also Tigray has become the first to lay claim on any aid money, technical cooperation, loans or allotted grants.

Just as an example from last Friday: a Fana news report was full of gusto, Japan coming as a saviour at a time the TPLF regime is starving for foreign exchange, with announcement of $50 million in aid money.

The news report indicated the money would be utilised toward completion of Aluto Langano thermal energy project and also clean water project for Bahir Dar. In all these, the share of Tigray is to build seven schools that feed secondary schools with better entrants to higher institutions of learning. There is security if any whiff of that money could reach Bhir Dar or turn the Aluto thermal project operational.

Of course, both Western and Chinese companies in particular have made it a habit to pay homage to Tigray, as does Sheik Al Amoudi the moment he became collector with least prices of Ethiopia’s priceless state-owned assets, as a US embassy report put it — “cherry picking the best assets’ of the nation — the TPLF had put on fire sale to satisfy its hunger for money.

Therefore, the TPLF has made it its duty to starve other Ethiopian regions through corruption and open thievery to build the best infrastructures, best schools, high quality training for Tigray. Consider scholarship at home and abroad, they too have become and are a door with ‘members only’ privileges, whose access to non-Tigreans has been firmly shut to other Ethiopians, especially those not connected.

The whole purpose of this TPLF arrogance and thievery is to ensure Ethiopia becoming permanently dependent on Tigray.

Together Ethiopia and Tigray as a part of it could have done marvellous things. Unfortunately, that is not meant to be with the Meles mentality effectively planted in the mind of Tigray youth.

Future historians are extremely privileged for the facts are that Meles was bad for Ethiopia. The worst part of it is that he was a thief of national resources and a narrow Tigrean nationalist, who in power had made it his duty to scheme to make Ethiopia Tigray’s backwater.

This has made Ethiopians distrustful of the TPLF regime from the get go. This has now been elevated, in the face of increased Tigrean support for the TPLF, even as it murders Ethiopians, thereby shifting Ethiopian attitude toward Tigreans at all levels. A good friend of mine, who just returned from a year of service in Ethiopia told me how much she has noticed from previous years Tigrean hairdo on their women, or the sizeable knuckle of gold they carry on their ears and necks!

Of course, a media that has seemingly pledged to reverse this is The Reporter. Last weekend, in publicising last weekend Dream Weddings — on the day of Meles’s fifth year of expiration posted heavily decorated Tigrean women. True, they represent the wealthy in today’s Ethiopia with stolen wealth. They cannot however be sole and frontline representatives of Ethiopia!

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