Survival of citizens and the nation dictates Ethiopians opposing TPLF!

22 Aug

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

    The TPLF is polluter of Ethiopia’s lakes and rivers. Guided by political objectives, it has been purposely destroying forests, including natural forests, in the western and southern parts of the country.

    Think of Lake Zeway, which has been officially sealed of because the water has been dangerous for human consumption. Fish have died. Even its famous bird watch sites have been off limits.

    That is why I am opposed to UNCCD associating its name and UN mandate with an ethnic mafia, which makes pretense of keeping its ethnic homeland, while destroying the lakes and rivers in other parts.

    In other words, damage to the environment of one ethnic group by the other is a means of arresting the development of others, thus eventual TPLF control.

    That is why I consider the World Future Council and its award anti-Ethiopian people. What I cannot understand is whether the World Future Council has been misled, as the TPLF is first class political chisler!


Reuters today reported that Tigray Region in Ethiopia has become winner of a major project to restore the land’s capacity to sustain the population living in it.

This is a noble exercise and it could get the support of anyone with good intention. Under normal circumstances, all of us as Ethiopians should have been happy with this achievement.

Let me assure anyone interested in this that would not be a realistic expectation. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) now running Ethiopia, for all practical and justifiable reasons, is an occupation force in Ethiopia. This is not because Ethiopians see TPLF members as foreigners.

It is simply because the TPLF has been behaving in Ethiopia as an occupation force — in view of its violence, robbery, abusiveness and the ethnic discrimination it has been practicing against the Ethiopian people. It is this abusiveness of its policies that is now under investigation by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, following the massacre of demonstrators in different parts of the country from 2015 20 2016. Ethiopia in practice under martial law, although in theory it was lifted in early August after about ten months of suffocation, imprisonments and torture of countless Ethiopian youths.

TPLF is interested in economic activities and growth in Ethiopia. Nonetheless, stupid as it is, the growth it seeks is needed to benefit advancement of Tigray with Ethiopian resources. With no separation between private TPLF and state pockets, TPLF has become the largest economic force in the country. This has materialised through robbery of state banks and institutions in the early 1990s when its guerrilla fighters marching to the south, and systematic siphoning of resources.

They overthrew the government and started businesses and investments, after 1991 including in foreign markets, in London where the Ethiopian embassy was their center of operation, against diplomatic practice. The money robbed from the Ethiopian people has made the TPLF the largest economic power in the country — enrichment from stolen national resources.

Today, the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) is an umbrella organization — sort of TPLF corporation — which houses about 70 different companies — the parasites that suck the blood of the Ethiopian economy.

Why is the TPLF powerful?

      *   If you take the army, the top ranking officers all come from Tigray and all of them TPLF members, save they have sprinkled a few individuals within their ranks to save name.

      *   This is true of the police and the local militia.

      *   The top echelon of the security and intelligence apparatus is manned by individuals that come from Tigray and all of the TPLF members. There are a few individuals, as in the army, dropped for affect sakes, who yell from other ethnic groups.

      *   The economy is also managed by TPLF members, as board chairmen, ministers, deputy ministers, while the operations of the line ministries and agencies are spied on a daily basis where non-TPLF members are in leadership positions.

      *   One of the two deputy prime ministers in charge of economic and financial matters is held by the TPLF and happens to be deputy chairman of the core of the ruling party.

      *   Foreign powers are interested in a power that runs a developing country with an iron hand and improves their investment possibilities.. I remember that when Obama was president, he felt so comfortable with the TPLF regime’s loyalty he said he supported the Ethiopian government because they buy Boeing and that is translated into jobs in the United States.

International trade is good, the exchange of goods and services. The United States is a good country with good people. However, it knows that it overcame communism and the Soviet Union, because of its appeal and openness that people repressive nations saw it, as they say, “the beacon on the mountain.”

For several years, the difference between China and the US has become indistinct in terms of their relations with developing nations. Both of them are interested in investments and profits. They don’t give a damn to human rights and sufferings of populations in the hands of cruel dictators, such as the TPLF, or Kabila in the Congo or Nkurunziza in Burundi!

This is never good for international cooperation. It is only through it that the world could ensure peace and security, prevent dangerous developments, terrorism, diseases, etc.

Why oppose TPLF

I oppose the TPLF regime, because their cruel and dishonest policies have made me to oppose them. They are anti-Ethiopian. They arose in the first place as secessionist movement, aiming to establish a Tigrean republic.

TPLF members are Ethiopians, as long as they are in power! They know it and we know it too! I strongly resent that!

They are the worst violators of human rights in the Ethiopian universe today or yesterday.

They are dishonest, deceit is no source of guilt to the TPLF members. This we see it in their politics and daily actions.


While initially I had listened to everything they said. After they were defeated in the 2005 election and refused to hand over power and remained in office killing and imprisoning the opposition, I gave up on the TPLF. Ever since I have been opposed to the TPLF!

My utmost opposition to the TPLF arises from opposition to democracy and individual freedoms. Without it, Ethiopia’s future is endless repression!

Who on Earth would like that?

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