5 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
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There are lots of intricate and complicated problems in our country today. While the solutions are in our hands, I have no reason to doubt the view that the nation’s bad politics has largely contributed to its worsening.

Citizens very soon could develop allergy symptoms to the habitual mutual recriminations among Ethiopian groups, perhaps some presume to be political ‘discourse’, while diminishing seriousness and the search for solutions at all levels.

Resolution of those Ethiopian problems is a monster task on its own, without even the acrimonies and resultant terrible divisions increasingly manifest not only in groups, but also within the broader society.

On top of that, today Ethiopia is being assailed by terminal diseases, such as breast and cervical cancers, diabetes, mental illness, etc., against the backdrop of deepening poverty.

Last week, TPLF was compelled to report officially the shocking spread of HIV/Aids in schools and higher institutions of learning, i.e., afflicting our youth.

This could be symptomatic of the growing poverty, overall frustration and possibly hopelessness. Momentarily concerning is the spread of the disease (Aids) in rural areas.

This is yet another indication of Ethiopia lacking responsible government and effective national health and social policies.

In addition, Aids is said now to have come with the spread of prostitution, tailing infrastructural projects, such as roads and the many sugar factory construction undertakings in remote parts of the country.

Speaking of sugar, factories that started with huge Chinese loans several years ago have yet to show the sugar, instead of the endless imports from india.

Recently, of course some white stuff was produced, not for Ethiopians, but for Kenyans as TPLF’s contribution to Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign in the August 8, 2017 election. His policy was attacked by a section of the electorate in the Rift Valley Region (?), as killer of Kenya’s sugar production!

This in mind, we can also praise the country’s Supreme Court for its exemplary courage for doing good for justice! In the heart of my heart, Ethiopians stand to benefit from Kenya becoming a strong democratic nation.

After such a lengthy warm up, it is time now to get to my central message. I set out first by frankly stating that Facebook must have witnessed these days lots of ugly scorning of one group by another amongst Ethiopians.

While the root of this is political, the exchange never grew up, or managed to show a degree of maturity. Nor did it even remotely imitate the beerhouse ‘outbursts of moral indignation blustering squabble declamation’, Karl Marx once angrily denounced the hypocrisy and inaction of those that ought to do something preceding the failure of Europe’s 1848 Revolution.

Unfortunately, this individual and group negativity has taken turns to the worst after the TPLF regime blocked Teddy Afro’s release of ‘Ethiopia’ in Addis Abeba last Monday. I can’t emphasise sufficiently how shameful, hooligan-like and dangerously self-destructive the negativity has sunk; this will have terrible consequences down the road!

If not stopped in good time, the poison TPLF has planted within the Ethiopian community could harm everyone, with no exception. Think of it, as Ethiopian groups fall prey and continue to squabble. TPLF ‘strategists’ would smile, and enthused, as they should deservedly be, and would toast themselves.

That is why Ethiopians would be better off pulling together to overcome the murderous regime.

In that context, the time is now to get ready to work for a better dispensation in our country. Only this could guarantee us and our children good governance, ensure our rights primarily as individuals, endeavour to realise equality and freedoms of citizens and ethnic groups. That is assuming citizens take seriously the meaning and implications of the rule of law within our nation.

On the contrary, choice of ill-will against individuals and/or groups is only likely to ensure our individual and collective diminution. More than any time, today Ethiopia needs the united and creative energies of all its citizens to do the catching up after other developing nations. These last few days, Ethiopians did not look like citizens if the same country, notwithstanding the TPLF.

It is unfortunate that Ethiopians who stood on Teddy Afro’s side were unjustly attacked or badly scorned; some were throwing mud at all Ethiopians. As in the laws of physics regarding action and reaction, the first attack has entailed the counter-attack of the other side, both sides to find themselves in the mud.

Sadly, this was initiated by none other than those who were supposed to expose the mistreatment and discrimination the vindictive TPLF regime has subjected the Great Ethiopian Artist Tedros Kassahun!

It has not happened this time around!

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