TPLF-led Ethiopia’s ‘federal gov’t’ comfortably watching as ESRS leader does its bidding to stock further inter-ethnic conflict

5 Oct

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
A poisonous story is circulating on Facebook in the form of a statement from Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State (ESRS).

This provocative statement pretends to be outcome of a “consultation” with the region’s elders and leaders.

The said consultation took place on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at the Kaali conference hall in Jijiga.

This gathering of traditional leaders was presided by the president of ESRS Abdi Mohamed Omar.

Purpose of the meeting is described as “the current situation of the region”. In further explaining this, its focus is described as “the continuous war that Oromo people [are] perpetrating [against] Ethiopian Somali people”. Already the main agenda for the consultations is presented as “Reasons behind Oromo People’s War on Ethiopian Somalis.”

In a manner that incites the population into more anger and bloodshed, the statement sums up the discussion as “the current situation of the region and especially the continuous war that Oromo people [are] perpetrating [against] Ethiopian Somali people.”

The statement portrays the ESRS population, first as victims of the Dergue persecution, which they resisted “boldly”. Secondly, it also portrays the Oromos and their alleged attack against the Somalis as the “new version of the Dergue.”

Jigjiga consultation (Credit: Edris Ismael Abdi)

The ESRS administration informed the participants what it said are the causes of “the Oromo war” against the Ethiopian Somalis, as follows:

    * First the Oromos aim to forcibly expand the land under their control to get access to sea ports with neighbouring states such as Somaliland and Somalia. The purpose of this is to import heavy weaponry to destroy the federal government in Ethiopia. This could not be realised because the Somali region has become the only existing barrier.

    * Secondly, the level of peace and security, self-sufficiency that Somali region has attained currently, ending terror groups like Al-Etihad, UBBO, ONAG and the like, has made the Oromos feel sorry for themselves. “Oromo feel sorry about the booming socio-economic development in ESRS implemented within short period of time and especially the successes recorded in the infrastructural development such as roads and bridges construction … For example Lagahida, Salahad, Qarsadhuule, Filtu and Mayamuluqo woredas previously lacked roads that connect to the other part of the region. Nnow the regional state [has] built new roads and bridges to connect the need with other parts of the region.

    * Thirdly, Ethiopian Somalis are opposed to Oromo illegal activities to re-establish the cruel Derg regime in opposition to the federal system and the supremacy of constitution. The Somali people are opposing this illegal upgrading, aiming at destrrying the current federal government that has created peace, justice, equality and development that exist in the country.

In terms of what so far the ESRS alleged Oromos have done to Somali people, the following has been discussed at the consultation:

    “The regional state told that a genocide event similar to Burma Genocide happened at Tulli-Gulled woreda where 8 boys wrapped together, poured fuel, and burned with fire. Like this event also 2 boys traveling at kebele called 147 near Moyale woreda were captured and also burned. The worst massacre is when 8 Somali patients at Yabelo Hospital collected and slaughtered. Once more largest genocide which never happened inside Ethiopia took place at Awadey town where 18 people slaughtered to death, 300 injured and 27 individual are still missing. Simultaneously Oromo regional state didn’t respond that massacre occurred inside their region or they do not send even a condolence message. While Somali regional state, the federal government and human right organizations underlined that this genocide is not concerned border conflict.”

In terms of what is to be done next, they consultation has resolved:

    “The regional state concluded their speeches that “we do not sit behind anybody to our citizenship and we are proud to be Ethiopian Somali and we are ready to fight everyone who wana violate our federalism. The state expressed that they neither need land nor property of other region. They added that they are valuing to live together peacefully with all nation and nationalities of the country in democratic order, as they planned to be the first, second and third prior plan of the Somali region.”

In terms of guidance by elders:

    “Ethiopian Somali traditional leaders and former state presidents expressed deeply their thoughts and said that “Allah bestowed prosperous land, full of natural resources and larger than 353,000 KM2 which makes it the second largest region of the country. This is why we don’t need land of other region”. The traditional leaders stated their commitment to live together peacefully and brotherly with all Ethiopian people and their respect of national federalism.

    They added that they understood Oromo administration is pushing Oromo people and militias, also arranging continuous aggressive wars towards Somali people inside Somali region for land expansion but Somali regional state is respecting the national rule of law, supremacy of constitution and as well negotiation decisions that prime minister HE Hailemariam Desalegn stated in keeping peace and stability. And also to respect media rules which fueling the conflict between two regions as well as to stop any act violating national peace and security. They identified that they are expecting the federal government to respond and take suitable action to whoever oppose the negotiation agreement.

    Therefore, Somali traditional leaders called to federal government that unfair protection given by federal only to Oromo region possible to create a collapse of our federalism and national oath.”

The video from the September 17, 2017 press conference by the two regional leaders, Oromia and Somali, speaks of same national concerns. However, the gathering at Jijiga has come up with a different and destructive objective in a matter of two weeks difference. Anyone can read it and see that someone is begging for war and bloodshed and disintegration of our nation. This is likely to hurt all our people!

Ethiopians have to give to this tragic and irresponsibly strategised political concoction their serious attention!

No government of law, worth its responsibilities to the people and the nation, should find solace and comfort from such abuses of power and criminality. Only the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) does this! Why the silence now, and subtle and naked supports to the criminals?
For those who would like to consult the unedited version of the statement, here is the statement.


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