Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia ministers to hold another round of dam negotiations

21 Oct

Editor’s Note:

    Why is it Ethiopia and Egypt must sign separate “comprehensive cooperation agreements” “within weeks?” Hasn’t so far the GERD mechanism been ‘tripartite’, which includes Sudan?


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Egypt Independent
The water ministers from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia agreed Thursday to hold a new round of negotiations at the ministerial level to discuss their main points of disagreement on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The three countries’ water ministers approved the draft guiding principles during the meeting of the National Committee. These principles will guide the two advisory institutions that are conducting studies on the effects of the dam, the Ethiopian news agency ENA said.

ENA quoted Egypt’s Minister of Irrigation, Mohamed Abdel Aaty, as saying that the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn will visit Egypt within weeks and will sign with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The visit of the Egyptian and Sudanese ministers to the Renaissance Dam on Wednesday is a historic step that opens up more opportunities for dialogue, transparency and exchange of information, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia, Seleshi Bekele, said.

He stressed his country’s full commitment to transparency, to exchange relevant information, not to cause significant harm to Egypt and Sudan, and to maintain cooperation in accordance with the Declaration of Principles, particularly with regard to the first filling of the dam with water and its operation, ENA added.

“We have drafted the guideline on the pending issues basically on how to forward the implementation of the consultants,” ENA quoted Bekele as saying on Wednesday.

ENA story

October 19/2017 Water Ministers of Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan have drafted a guideline that would guide the activities of the two consulting firms that will conduct impact analysis.

“We have drafted the guideline on the pending issues basically on how to forward the implementation of the consultants”, Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, of Ethiopia, Seleshi Bekele said.

The two French consultancy firms – BRL and Artelia – were selected to undertake the recommended studies on the possible impacts of the dam.

The countries selected the firms to undertake the studies following the “Declaration of Principles” signed by leaders of the three countries in 2015 in Khartoum, Sudan.

Seleshi said “In today’s deliberation we had certain issues that were pending and which needed the attention of the Ministers”.

According to him, the guidelines are to be finalized in the near future by reconvening at one particular spot where the date and time to be determined very soon.

Water Ministers of the three countries have endorsed the draft guideline at the Technical National Committees (TNC) ministerial meeting held in Addis Ababa on Wednesday.

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