Delayed parliamentary committee report establishes TPLF forcibly-legitimised extradition by Somalia of Qalbi-Dhagah to Ethiopia illegal! TPLF succeeds brewing trouble to 10-month old Somalia gov’t

19 Nov

Hiiran Online picture of Abdulkerim Sheik Musa, known in Somalia as Qalbi Dhagax, TPLF describes as ONLF commander, while a victim of TPLF kidnapping last August, assuming he is Ethiopian. He is claimed to be a citizen of Somalia, a Col in Siad Barre army and veteran of the 1977 Ogaden war Somalia opened against Ethiopia. TPLF put the back of the newly-elected Somalia government against the wall to force a post facto pronouncement to describe kidnapping as extradition of a terrorist, exactly 20 days after his kidnapping by Gen. Gabre, a man shamefully with so many duplicitous titles, some of which include Ethiopian diplomat, Supreme Ethiopian Force Commander in Somalia and Political Advisor at IGAD

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Hiiran Online

MOGADISHU (HOL) – The rendition of Abdikarim Muse Qalbi-Dhagax, ONLF commander and former Somali military officer, to Ethiopian was illegal, a report by parliamentary committee said.

The report endorsed by Somali parliament on Saturday has dismissed outlawing ONLF as a terrorist organization.

The parliamentary commission formed mid September to probe the circumstances under which Qalbi Dhagah was extradited, blamed Somalia’s spy agency for providing misinformation about the victim.

“Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency had provided the government leaders with wrong information and subsequently hid the case of Qalbi Dhagah from the justice department,” reads the report submitted to the House this morning.

The 15 member committee probed and reviewed the previous so-called Security agreement between Somalia and Ethiopian in relation to this matter.

“The government should mull over the previous deals and should keep away all matters that can lead insecurity,” the committee urged the government in its report which overwhelmingly got 152 votes out 161 of today’s session.

Qalbi Dhagah was handed over to Ethiopia on 28th August this year following a raid by Somali force on his hotel in Galkayo, central Somalia.

Days after the extradition, Somali cabinet had defended the rendition labeling as ONLF outlawed terrorist group.

The government of Ethiopia confirmed the handing over, citing a security partnership treaty between Addis Ababa and Mogadishu.
On reporting about the kidnapped Somalia citizen, Fana in Senior ONLF military commander returns home presented the following news item on August 28, although Abdulkarim was kidnapped and had been in TPLF hands longer than that:

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Days after Qalbi’s kidnapping, TPLF’s Gen.Gabre, IGAD Political Adviser, boasted on a twitter message regarding the seizure the following:

Further to force the Somalia government to announce Qalbi was a terrorist, he twitted the following warning:

Somalia media ask now:


How could such a regime the TPLF undermines at every turn expected to fight Al-Shabaab’s terrorism, when its capacity is shattered by a cruel and scheming neighbour?


Ethiopia on the brink. Everyone has failed Somalia— its politicos, Horn nations, AU, UN, the West bear huge responsibilities, TPLF most of all! PART I (1)

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