Would IFAC help promote statistical standards in Ethiopia, or it too succumb to TPLF’s greed?

17 Jan

Editor’s Note:

    For obvious reasons, TPLF has never had ano interest whatsoever in Ethiopia becoming a member of any international or regional accounting entity.

    If what is stated here is not clear, let me put it starkly: TPLF is the most corrupt organisation in the world, whose Tigrean ethnic-origin members also abhor accountability in national or regional government! Unbelievers are invited to glance through the most courageous reports of Auditor-General Gemechu Dubiso across the years!

    If the TPLF top officials were not the most corrupt, such as Abay Tsehaye and Gen Kinfe Dagnew, and if they had attended to his recommendations, today several sugar and various other factories would have been rumbling in different parts of Ethiopia!

    That is why my editorial of April 11, 2016 simply lamented:

    “የዓሣ ግማቱ ከአናቱ” ይሉሻል ይኼ ነው! ለዝርዝሩ የሽፍታ/ወንበዴ መንግሥት በኢትዮጵያ የሚለውን ጽሁፋችንን ይመልከቱ!


Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Addis Fortune
Rachel Grimes, president of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), is due to visit Addis Abeba on Thursday January 18, 2018. Her visit marks a time when debates over the future of the accounting profession in Ethiopia rages over the attainability of an international standard on financial reporting in the coming two years.

Grimes is expected to announce her organisation’s views on Ethiopia’s membership to the global body, although the country has not applied to membership of the IFAC. That Ethiopia has had no support from IFAC is one of the reasons that held back professionalism in implementing IFRS, which pulls back the country in modernising the financial recording and accounting system, according to experts in the industry.

She is scheduled to meet officials of Accounting & Auditing Board of Ethiopia (AABE), the delegated body by the parliament to oversee the adoption of IFRS nationwide, and Ministry of Finance & Economic Cooperation to discuss ways to advance the financial reporting system. Founded in 2014, the Board is currently headed by Gashe Yemane. But, its chairman was arrested five months ago after accused of involvement in high profile corruption, which leaves the Board without a chairperson since Alemayehu Gujo.


    Is every official & institution in TPLF’s Ethiopia thief & corrupt? So seem to put question marks the Auditor-General’s finds!

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