Is UN Secretary-General duped into appointing TPLF man with many identities UNISFA Commander? So seems to unveil IGAD notice of his termination & photos

1 Jul

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin  The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


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In reading the letter of termination, I saw only the name and did not know anything about it. I had earlier received a twitter message from Somalia someone informing me ‘Gen. Gabre’ was dismissed.

It did not make sense for two reasons:

(a) different name, and

(b) he was officially appointed on nomination by the TPLF from Addis Abeba to UN Secretary-General!

Sunday night, June 30, 2018, for some reason I wanted to see the letter again. I saw the picture. It looked to me now he exactly is Gen. Gabre, i.e., Gen. Gebre Adhana Woldezgu (official name for the UN), who on April 2, 2018 was appointed the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA) Commander!

For me, the pictures are the two pictures (hereunder) represent the same person, as does the IGAD one, perhaps taken at the time of his employment!


  Is he his brother, or the same person?

A front, side & back profile of the general in Somalia, making deals with clans, spies, etc.

Gen. Gebre free to shuffle thru the papers of a Somalia minister (Credit: Samyanta)

Gen. Gabre, as they refer to him in Somalia, possibly picked from his twitter handle

The picture on the left is from my first article on the TPLF Major-General, as a criminal killer in Somalia and the Ogaden. I got this picture from Somalia media and later from his twitter page, when I wrote about him.

At the time, I was trying to attract the attention ofUN Secretary-General  Antonio Guterres so that he would not be misled by the TPLF and associate the United Nations peacekeeping operations with the wrong person, appointing him UNISFA Commander.

Gen. Gabre with his co-consipirator Somali Region President Abdi Iley (Credit: @WeiAlfaGabree)


Apparently, the guy has many subterfuges and cover-ups as a known killer in the Ogaden and Somalia. He is intimately linked to Abdi Ilay, Chief of Ethiopia’s Somali Region, whose residents for a while now have been up in arms because of his terrible cruelty and violation of human rights.

So far, the only setback he has suffered is the removal of the Eastern Command Sector of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), which until last week was under General Measho Beyene’s command, Abdi Ilay’s godfather, as they refer to him  in Region 5.

Here he is seen with UN Secretary-General on May 2nd 2018 for a photo-up!

My efforts to draw attention of Secretary-General Antonio Guterres with these two articles has until the IGAD letter (above) had not gotten any outside corroboration:

a)     Why I disagree with UNSG Guterres’ appointment of ‘Gen. Gabre’ UNISFA Force commander, the walking terror tainted by human rights crimes & corruption in the Horn!

b)     Has TPLF blind-sighted UN to get a controversial general inducted as UNISFA commander, or UNISFA a TPLF agency legitimising its ethnic discrimination agenda & practices?


I do not know the person, I mean, the general. Therefore, I have no ill-will against that person.

However, I am repeatedly writing about him for two reasons. Firstly, I am unhappy with the arrangement for the TPLF to run its own ‘UN peacekeeping force since July 2011 to operate in Abyei., between the two Sudans. Secondly, I have been displeased with the United Nations being exploited to legitimise TPLF’s ethnic discrimination agenda and practices in Ethiopia, as has been happening in the appointment of commanders for UNISFA. They are strictly picked up by the TPLF — ethnic criteria and kickbacks!

From a country of 105 million and 80 ethnic groups, since July 2011 all the force commanders have been ethnic Tigreans, save two: Maj-Gen. Hassan Ebrahim Mussa (January 15, 2016 – January 16, 2017, an Amhara by ethnic group); and, (b) when Maj. Gen. Birhanu Jula Gelalcha (November 21, 2014 – January 20,2016, an Oromo by ethnicity) commanded the force.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has recently appointed Maj. Gen. Birhanu Jula Gelalcha as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Note that my own position on the identity of Gen Gabre has changed from the first one.

In reading only his name from IGAD’s letter, it did not occur to me it would be the same person. I ignored the fact that as a corrupt person and a killer, he would need lots of aliases and masks!

On account of that, I apologise to those I have misled with the tweet hereunder:

Later I reacted accommodating the possibility, but without abandoning my skepticism. The reason for me was not pile up added burden of crime of identity theft. Anyways, I give the credit to my sources in Somalia such as MoradNews, which had prompted me to send UNSG the message below.

That is the reason why I sent out on June 25 the following twitter message in response to MoradNews:

I count upon the understanding and intelligence of those Ethiopians and Somalia citizens for my failure to create the resemblance early enough.

One could note from my first article, he had lied about his career. I could catch that simply because he said he has had 38 years of military service in the Ethiopian army. How could this be true?

He was a TPLF fighter with TPLF Tigray liberators as a young man, lucky me, and the numbers did not add up since the TPLF has run down Ethiopia only for the last 27 years!

Thank God, it is now over for Ethiopia!


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