TPLF vows to fight Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Party (PP)

2 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO) — At a public conference organized by the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) in Mekele city of northern Ethiopia, TPLF leaders vowed to fight the newly formed Prosperity Party (PP), which replaced the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) recently.

Various songs, plays and other artistic works criticizing the Prosperity Party were staged at the public conference attended by over 1500 participants drawn from all corners of the regional state, including party members, representatives of different social and religious groups, as well as members of invited federalist political forces.

The two-day public conference, which was closed to journalists except for affiliate media establishments, dwelled on the way forward for the TPLF under the new circumstances where the EPRDF no longer exists – a party that the TPLF founded and went on to rule the country for 27 years until its demise earlier this month.

With the consent of three of the four EPRDF standing members, it was replaced by the Prosperity Party. In addition to these three parties, namely the Amhara Democratic Party, Oromo Democratic Party, and Southern Ethiopia People’s Democratic Movement, five formerly affiliate (‘agar’) parties joined in to form the PP.

Opening the conference, Debretsion Gebermichael spoke about the decisions taken by TPLF’s central and executive committees over the political situations in the country and its position on the merger of EPRDF.

According to the organization, the very purpose of the TPLF in organizing the public conference was to reach a consensus with the general public regarding the profound political changes taking place in the country, including the disbanding of the EPRDF.

Speaking with rarely seen passion and alternately displaying anger and defiance, Debretsion said: “The three parties have betrayed us; they have betrayed their people. They are gone; the EPRDF is gone.” “We have had many problems even before its demise; it was with great patience that we held on until now,” he added.

“We are messengers of nobody but you.  If you order us to jump, we never hesitate to do it rather ask you how high. There is no force on earth that can command us. Hence we will cross the challenges ahead of us together,” Deberetsion was quoted as saying by affiliate media houses.

He also said there are forces that are trying to disturb the peaceful situation in Tigray state and the unity of its people, though he did not mention them by name.

Debretsion warned that the regional government would not tolerate those forces which are trying to destabilize the state.  “Any force that tries to lit fire in Tigray state will burn itself,” he added. has learned that in the resolutions passed at the end of the conference, the participants affirmed their solidarity to the decisions made by TPLF executive and central committees and vowed to fight the Prosperity Party with all their might.

“The prosperity party formed under the pretext of merger and the philosophy “Medemer” violates our rights and will, in the end, destroy the existing multinational and federal system and institute a unitary government based on geographical areas,” said the participants in their resolution.

The participants claimed that the way the central government abolished the EPRDF was illegal and decided to collaborate with other forces to reinstate a federal governance system in the country.

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