Abducted university students, family members arrested

17 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Ethiopian government officials, ordered the arrest of kidnapped Ethiopian university students family members. Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) reported.

Abducted Dembi Dolo university students, family members are accused of criticizing government officials for not paying enough attention to the abduction case.

“The mass abduction took place in early December in Ethiopia’s restive Oromia region, focusing attention on security challenges as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tries to steer the country toward elections tentatively scheduled for August.” (News24)

At the end of January tens of thousands of people protested against the abduction and the inaction of Ethiopian government.





Reeyot news analysis, partly is based on on Ermias Tesfaye’s Ethiopia Insight’s informed reporting, which so far has shown reader’s doubts.  In a brilliant article, the Ethiopia Insight explains:

“Ratcheting up the pressure further is the reported kidnapping of Amhara students from Dembi Dollo University, which led to mass protests in Amhara. On January 10, opposition party National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) released a statement saying that 17 students, 13 female and four male, had been kidnapped and held hostage for over a month in an unknown location. According to NaMA, the kidnappers demanded the transfer of Oromo students studying in Amhara state universities to those in Oromia after reports they had been held captive and abused.

However, on January 11 Nigusu Tilahun, PM Office spokesman, said that 27 were kidnapped and 21 students, 13 females and eight males, were released after authorities, with the help of elders and religious leaders, negotiated with kidnappers. He said that five Dembi Dollo University students and a Dembi Dollo resident from another university are still held and that the government is negotiating for their release. Families have said that those Nigusu reported released have not returned. Federal Police Commissioner Endashew Tassew said on January 29 that 12 out of 17 students have been identified. He said an armed group in the area was destroyed although ‘Jaal Marro’ has denied any OLA involvement.

Taye informed Ethiopia Insight that a female student who spoke about the kidnapping has disappeared. He said eight out of the 17 reported kidnapped are not Dembi Dollo University students, while two of the actual students were found living with their families, and two others had signed for university meals on a date after their names had been listed by NaMA.

In his comments to lawmakers, Abiy cautioned that the politicization of the kidnapping story could create worsening conflict between Amhara and Oromo. But others blame the premier for triggering violence by mishandling the transition in Oromia.

“At a time when the country needs peace and stability as it moves closer to the national elections scheduled to take place in August 2020, the Ethiopian government is expanding its military operations in Wellega, Guji and Borena zones,” ten Oromo rights organizations said in a January 21 statement. “While we understand that Dr. Abiy has inherited a troubled country, instead of addressing the problems, he added fuel to the fire.”

Based on that Reeyot’s commentators—Achamyeleh Tamiru (US) and Yitagesu Zewdu (Addis Abeba)— also make important contributions, refer to discussion in the video hereunder.



ይህ ከታች የሠፈረው ዜና በማኅበራዊ ሚዲያ ተመልክቼ ለማመን ተቸግሬ ስለነበር አልተጠቀምሁበትም ነበር ። ጠሚ ዐብይም በፓርላማም ተገቢውን ገለጻና ማብራሪያ ለመሥጠት ባለመቻላቸው/ ባለመፈለጋቸው፣ ዶር መረራ ጉዲና በልጆቹ መታገት ጥርጥር እንዳደረባቸው መናገራቸው ይታወሳል!

እኔም ተደራራቢ ምሥክርነቶችን ሣይ በትዊተር የሚከተለውን ለመለጠፍ ተገድጃለሁ! የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ እውነቱን እንድናውቅ ይርዳን! የሚያስፈልግም ከሆነ ዜጎችን እንደሽፍታ የሚጠልፍ መንግሥት ሃገራችንን ረግጦና አፍኖ ለመግዛት ዝግጅቱን እያጠናቀቀ መሆኑ ለምርጫው ብቻውን ገዥ ለመሆን ያለውን ፍላጎት የሚያሳይ ለመሆኑ —ዜጎች እየተቃወሙ— የጥላቻ ሕግ በዐቢይ ጫና በሚቆጣጠረው ፓርላማ እንዲጸድቅ መደረጉ አይዘንጋ!




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