One businessman, whose shop near Dodola high school was attacked on October 23, said: “The Qeerroo came to my house – there were so many. They looted my shop and my house. They were carrying stones, knives, machetes, and sticks.”

A woman whose home was also attacked on the evening of October 23 said:

They [the mobs] went into each bedroom; they broke the beds; they broke the tea and coffee machines; they threw the fridge outside. I can’t tell how many they were; they surrounded the house holding hammers, stones. They burned all the property outside.

This continued for 30 minutes to an hour…. Then [Oromia special police and Dodola police] arrived. They shot live ammunition [in the air] and dispersed the mobs.

In the immediate aftermath of the violence, residents and the United Nations reported that at least 3,000 people were sheltered in 2 of the town’s churches. Satellite imagery also identified makeshift settlements in the southwestern part of Dodola, near the damaged structures, since October 25 and 26.