Al-Burhan pledges to defend Sudan’s territory during visit to border area with Ethiopia!

14 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

April 8, 2020 (GEDAREF) – In a speech delivered near the Ethiopian border, the head of Sudan’s Sovereign Council, Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, declared that the armed forces will vigorously defend the country’s borders.

Residents of the area told Sudan Tribune, on Wednesday that the Ethiopian army has begun to penetrate into Sudanese territory, and has distributed Sudanese lands to Ethiopian farmers.

Accompanied by senior army officers, al-Burhan travelled to the border area of ??Doka, where the army deployed troops recently, amid reports of military build-up on the other side of the border.

He paid a visit to the headquarters of forces deployed on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, where he was briefed about the security situation in the area.

The head of the Sovereign Council was accompanied by Chief of Staff Staff Major General Mohamed Osman al-Hassan, the Director of the General Intelligence Service Jamal al-Din Abdel Majeed, and a number of army senior officers.

What happened on the morrow. i.e., April 9, according to Fana? Abiy held phone talks with Lt. Gen. Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereign Council of Sudan. Then Abiy explained to the Ethiopian people: “We discussed working closely together to address COVID19 challenges; strengthening economic ties to overcome this difficult period; and championing the lifting of sanctions placed on Sudan”…/pm-hold-talks-with-sudans-sovereign-council-chairman What is cooking between Abiy and the Sudan’s new leadership?

“We would not hesitate to protect Sudan’s borders, and we will not allow intrusion on our territory,” al-Burhan said according to a statement released military information service.

“The armed forces are ready to protect the country and protect its borders. This is a sacred duty that will never be overlooked.”

Last Saturday, army spokesman Amer al-Hassan, in statements to Sudan Tribune admitted that Ethiopian armed gangs expel Sudanese farmers from their areas.

Local sources say the Ethiopian army intervenes to protect them when they put their hand on the land of Sudanese farmers.

On March 30, the Sudanese army deployed troops for the first time since nearly 25 years in the disputed area of ??”Little Fashqa”, on the border with Ethiopia, which witnesses tensions from time to time due to gang activity in the region.

The Sudanese army spokesman said that the recent deployment of forces in the region is required by the need to maintain the security but also it is part of the precautionary measures taken by the government of Sudan to fight the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

“The forces are deployed to secure the area from the conflicts that occur between farmers (Sudanese and Ethiopian) during the preparation for the agricultural season.”


Who is ceding Ethiopian sovereign territory to Sudan?

Al-Fashqa Returns to Sudanese Sovereignty After Agreement With Ethiopia

Khartoum- Ahmed Younes

The years-long border conflict between Ethiopia and Sudan is expected to end with the return of the disputed Al-Fashaqa region to Sudanese sovereignty within two weeks.

The two countries took practical steps to start the processes of demarcating borders. These steps included setting up border markers and withdrawing forces to behind the separation line.

According to sources, who requested anonymity, the Ethiopian Chief of the General Staff General Adem Mohammed has discussed with Sudanese officials an action plan which sees the forces of each of Sudan and Ethiopia retreat to demarcated borders.

Sudan has border disputes with Egypt and Ethiopia over the Halayeb triangle and the fertile agricultural region of Al-Fashqa.Ethiopian forces control Al-Fashaqa, which stretches over about 600 square kilometers of highly fertile agricultural land.

Ethiopia recognizes Sudanese sovereignty over the agricultural area but has not taken practical steps to demarcate the border, allowing Ethiopian farmers to cultivate the area and providing them with protection.

Sudan’s transitional government had deployed troops on the border strip with Ethiopia, in order to secure agricultural areas in al-Fashaqa.

Ethiopia and Sudan share a common boundary of over 1600 km which was drawn through a series of treaties between Ethiopia and the colonial powers of Britain and Italy. To date, this boundary has not been clearly demarcated.



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