Egypt calls for UN intervention in talks on Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam

20 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Egypt on Friday called on the United Nations Security Council to intervene to restart talks on the $4 billion hydroelectric dam being built by Ethiopia on the Blue Nile near the border with Sudan.

Talks over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam were halted once again this week, this time only about a fortnight before its expected start-up.

“The Arab Republic of Egypt took this decision in light of the stalled negotiations that took place recently on the Renaissance Dam as a result of Ethiopian stances that are not positive,” the foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday.

The latest round of talks, which had started on June 9 over video conference, followed a previous round of negotiations in Washington, which ended without agreement in February.

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Egypt, which is almost entirely dependent on the Nile for its freshwater supplies, sees it as a potentially existential threat. It is anxious to secure a legally binding deal that would guarantee minimum flows and a mechanism for resolving disputes before the dam starts operating.

The dam is the centrepiece in Ethiopia’s bid to become Africa’s biggest power exporter.

/ Middle East Monitor


In my Twitter @EthiopiaMoment, today I had jotted the following. I believed in what this two-part piece says. I resented arrogance of powerful nations pushing poorer ones.

Egyptians fought tooth and nail the Sisi government for some months. They have been held down only through killings and imprisoning of thousands by the man they nearly overthrew not long ago. That is why June 2020 Amnesty International’s report of May -June is entitled Human Rights Behind Bars in Egypt.

Because of his needs for survival and continuation in office, he has turned pharohaneseque, for the time being championing the Nile issue to the Egyptian people.

UNSC’s gavel in France’s hand as president in July, Egypt again hopes to use UN to ‘turn positive’ talks on Blue Nile Dam, as per MEM report ( Egypt hopes to pressure Ethiopia, inconsistent as its goal is with s1997 in’t water law and sovereignty principles. 1/2

Cairo’s request comes a month after the last one, against which UNSG advised the countries to seek peace thru talks. Egypt does not see talks as suitable to realise its inherited colonial ambition over the Blue NIle. 2/2

When it comes to its sovereignty, Ethiopia can’t be pushed around.  Egypt must only refer to so many of its past plots—it had carried out against Ethiopia both out of its own initiative and also with support of others, including the Arab League.

That should prove this peace and freedom loving African country cannot surrender to anyone!

All of Egypt’s provocations to date have been rendered unfruitful. Persiting intrigues have caused some hardships. Yes they have not achieved Egypt’s objectives. They have hardly delivered, much in the same way like two of its military adventures of the 18th century, which exacted it heavy prices in resources and lives! 

Let us not repeat that ugly past!




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