Ethiopians in Finland & Ethio-Finns urge Finland & the int’l community to avert ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia

3 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Ethiopians resident in Finland and Ethio-Finns on July 30, 2020 held a rally in Helsinki against an attempt to replay the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 by young Oromo extremists in Ethiopia. Those committing such evil are driven in an Hitlerite manner by their ‘educated’ Oromo brethren, the largest and most destructive collection associated with smaller and little known American universities.

Between June 29 and early July 2020, those individuals from abroad, some of them PhD holders, facilitated the horrifying slaughters of citizens and destructions of a poor nation’s economic assets and production capacities, both public and private. Those assets were supposed to provide jobs to the jobless—in some instances—like themselves. In every sense, their action has proved inhuman and insane. Who else could do that to his folks and their country.

Hoopla! Their pretext this time is the assassination of Ethiopia’s much-adored Oromo singer Hachalu Hundessa! What could have Hachalu said about this madness in his name?

In organizing this Helsinki rally, therefore, the goal of Ethiopians and Ethio-Finns is to appeal to the Finnish Government and the international community to help their Motherland overcome the repeated attempts by Oromo extremists, who out of inhumanity and insanity have been trying to borrow their template for “mass slaughter” in Ethiopia from the 1994 Rwandan Civil War.”

In Rwanda, as a genocide against the Tutsi they used the derogatory word nyenzi (cockroaches) as they hacked their victims. The Oromo killers referred to members of the non-Oromo ethnic groups they had list of the citizens they planned to eliminate and referred to them as ‘neftenga’—historically applied to arms bearing Amharas. In this latest brutal slaughter of citizens has also been extended to Oromos so long as they are Orthodox Christians—the Oromo gangs having ethnicity and religion as the basis for their criminal acts.

Rightly so, experts in the crime of genocide and ethnic cleansing are persuaded they have seen in this latest round of violence and massacres in Ethiopia’s Oromia Region the “hallmark signs of ethnic cleansing“. While the officials are updating the figures from time to time, this latest round of blood thirstiness, according to the Ethiopian Government, has claimed the lives of 329 Ethiopians between June 29 and early July—sickening as it is not including the living that were forced to eat flesh of their dead relatives. 

Apparently, such earlier massacre—possibly the first one of non-Oromos took place in October 2019. That brutality caused the elimination of 86 Ethiopians, including a mother in her delivery bed. Nobody has been held accountable, although Jawar Mohammed’s name keeps on creeping up. Interestingly, that horror in Ethiopia was initiated by this media ‘mogul’—a US citizen and a resident of the US state of Minneapolis—Jawar Mohammed. He was into such incitement since early 2000, barely 20, when he was pushing the politics of Oromos ruling Ethiopia, among others, through the International Oromo Youth Association (IOYA) . For this, the Oromo Media Network (OMN) he set up with monies collected from Oromos was his indispensable tool, much as it also became his source of wealth and political influence that has fastened his ignominy in the eyes of the Ethiopian collective!

There have also been Ethiopian disappointments and anger at their government’s opportunism and inaction already in October 2019—the first brutal massacre of our citizens in a heinous manner, including by the police and other members of the defence establishment. At the time, many wrote to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, urging him to act—only to no avail—including an Open Letter by the editor of this page.

As it happened, while the figures for the perished may be revised up or down, nothing obliterates from the Ethiopian mind all sorts, largely it being cruel and gruesome. In parts of Oromia, such as Arsi, Shashemene and Bale those citizens who have survived the bloodletting and other harms have been displaced and are still sheltered in churches—both Oromos (due to their Christian faith) and non-Oromos (on account of their ethnicity).

It’s embarrassing but it must be mentioned here: the Abiy Administration has ignored the plight of Ethiopians led into homelessness by the extremists while the Nobel Laureate’s Government keeps on catering the nation’s attention, among other through his repeat orders for funds to be raised for Hachlu’s family, including from the Ethiopian diaspora, through the nation’s embassies—no word is there about the displaced masses nor the slain Ethiopians. Who cared for Eng. Simeng, the first head of GERD, who even in death was denied official attention. It may be because the PM never liked him, some say!  Nor has the Prime Minister instructed the facts behind his ‘death’ to be investigated in keeping, his word to do so. Such questions are provoked by latest actions of praises and naming of schools and streets, the counts of which have baffled excesses-allergic citizens!

Hachalu used to be my favourite singer and I would have no problem whatsoever his family being helped. No matter what one’s ethnic origin, the Nobel Laureate ought to distance himself from anything that could have the stench of ethnic connections, or political support amassing—to ensure his incorruptibility by leading the way under the banner: ALL ETHIOPIANS ARE EQUAL!

I had felt tears streaming down both sides of my nose, when Zehabesha tried to start its solitary effort sometime ago to find help to our sisters in Lebanon, who worked as maids in Lebanese homes. Notwithstanding my short-lived effort over Twitter to highlight their cause, to date nothing has materialized. I resent their status as maids in foreign country interfering to ensure their abandonment by their government—the case of poverty railroading citizenship rights and privileges. 

Anyways who organizes these massacres and carnages over Ethiopia?

Certainly, a healthy and normal person would find it hard to believe this is an Ethiopian reality, whose architecture is rising on a daily basis; its engineers are educated Ethiopians living in foreign countries! 

Myself a half Oromo on my father’s side, and am proud about my legacy as an Ethiopian. I could not turn my head around to understand why some Oromos allow historical falsification depriving them of their Ethiopian identity.

Sadly, they dare to claim they are ‘Americans’ living in the United States—as if US citizenship is license for murder, or Americans don’t care for human lives and rights. We currently have their offshoots in the UK, Australia, Germany, different countries—including Nordics—among others, Finland and Sweden.

I must declare some of them don’t even have decent lives, living abroad!

As Ethiopians, foreign governments please note that this is terrorism pure and simple. No matter the chemicals or cells transplant, one cannot adorn wrong design or cause. Sadly, none of the developed states with their advanced democracies can hardly tolerate this, if it were them and affects their interests. Therefore, it is imperative they stop tolerating these false messiahs of ‘their people’. They are only preparing themselves to don the crown on their heads, causing havoc in the lives and economies of poor developing countries!

Consider this, over seven thousand Ethiopians have been thrown to prison since June 29. The Ethiopian police make them to be of members of OLF Shene, armed Oromo gangs fighting Ethiopians in Oromia Region. Unfortunately, these youths are little educated nor do they have jobs.

They were out to be brutal only trusting those so-called professors that told them to destroy everything and kill everyone—their language being, I picked from one in Sweden— “to clean the whole shit from Oromia. Period!”. He claims to be a high schooler in Sweden just graduating, he wrote on Facebook!


Attached here are letters to the Governments of Finland and and Ethiopia

Letters to:

Honourable Parliament Speaker Anu Vehviläinen



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