Since the end of World War II, Ethiopia has witnessed three major experiments at its transformation into a modern nation. However, to date none has succeeded in achieving that, especially if by development & modernization we all mean ensuring human security and freedom for all Ethiopians from fear and want. In the past nearly seven decades, we all have received enough lessons and experiences from our own past to recognize what works and does not.

Unfortunately, with the present imitating the past, Ethiopia today has only become a nation of empty promises, as far as the freedom & security of the individual is concerned. This has strongly likened the present to the past in its contents, although in form it tries to present itself differently. The bare-knuckles of repressions, most of all its dashing of the nation’s hopes, making it no different from its predecessors.

While opportunities for genuine change have been ample, those in power have lacked the courage, sensibility & conviction that building a truly free and democratic society requires putting the nation’s interests first, instead of their own. In the circumstances, this webpage, THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY (TEO), has been launched to reflect its conviction that the nation’s interests must come first.

In this digital age, we are all blessed with modern communication technologies that have made the voices of the people no longer stoppable. In the event that the government refuses or fails to properly assume its responsibilities, as it has now, TEO will endeavor to jolt it into sensibility, criticizing & prodding it, where possible pointing out alternative views to help the leaders to put the nation’s house in order.

In this respect, THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY’s lenses would constantly check to see the importance government attaches to fundamental human rights & freedoms of citizens and broad-based growth ad development to enable the people determine their future in a manner they deem suitable to them.

TEO also believes that consensual and united efforts of citizens in development is more potent in paving the road to national wellbeing. Even development that comes via fiat and diktats imposed from above do end up serving the powerful, since they must first take the first bite. Such an approach only helps to advance the interests of the few to endlessly remain in power. In the name of development, they seek legitimacy in Machiavellian-esque manner, with no regard to the rights of citizens.

To them, TEO says national transformation is not a mission for the few at home or abroad, who may think they are the chosen. Contrary to the flightiness that we often observe, Ethiopians have a vision of what country they want to live in. Ethiopia has repeatedly showed them that it has big arms to embrace each and everyone of us, irrespective of ethnicity, sex or religion or politics – so long as the individual’s faith in peaceful, stronger and prosperous Ethiopia is not subject to tangible problems.

To that end, THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY would encourage and laud any action that is good for the nation, irrespective of its source or the actor. The political creed of TEO is sovereign Ethiopia’s progress and the wellbeing of its citizens. Similarly, with that as its motto, TEO would chastise and expose political shenanigans, facilitating abuse of power and misuse of national resources to finance costly lifestyles of the few, as the TPLF bosses are doing.

After all, Ethiopia has become a nation where, in spite of the constantly vaunted story about its double-digit growths and some development, millions increasingly are finding it difficult to get by, even single meal a day.

Lastly, THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY strongly resents the incessant attempts by powerful people continuing to live in a dark tunnel & only preoccupied in seeing themselves at the pedestal of power and ill-gained wealth.

We strongly resent that they have now found their pastime in continually debasing the country’s history, culture & important historical personages.

We strongly resent their constant itching to find converts that could support their injustices against Ethiopia, which in the first place has rendered it a landlocked nation. That policy was never right; it can never be at any time in the future! The TPLF must wake up to see that is the single stroke which has led them to their loss of the heart, faith and confidence of Ethiopians and their policies and governance – praying at heart, or undermining them where possible, with a view to seeing their days of power to be over as soon and bloodlessly.

We say to them, Ethiopia is a grateful nation that would surely give pride of place to those that labor to serve its interests and defend and protect its long-term interests, not the authors of duplicity and those inflicting injuries to its sovereignty. It would not forgive the TPLF that has been trying to sell it in pieces to foreign forces, instead of benefitting from two-way exchanges within the international system

Ethiopia tolerates mistakes, because they can be corrected. What it cannot tolerable is deliberate polices to undermine its people and the nation. From time to time, such disgraces are engineered & perpetuated by those that have been blinded by their impunity, greed and arrogance of power.

THE ETHIOPIA OBSERVATORY (TEO) would work tirelessly to credit good deeds, as it would also expose all evils against our country, especially by those inebriated by their fanaticism with nepotism, ethnic politics and chauvinism.

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