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South Sudan’s view of the Heglig story – UN threatens South Sudan with sanctions

19 Apr

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir speaks at the National Congress Party headquarters in Khartoum on April 18, 2012 where he threatened to overthrow the government of South Sudan, saying its people need liberation. Sudanese troops hope to reclaim Sudan's most important oil field, Heglig, from South Sudanese troops as Juba fights to counter a growing wave of international condemnation (photo: courtesy of AF)

By MACHEL AMOSPosted Thursday, April 19 2012

In the diplomatic front over the current border crisis at Heglig and other border areas, South Sudan trails in the shadow of Khartoum, officials now acknowledge.
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Egypt steps in to prevent an all-out Sudan war

16 Apr

By Konye Obaji Ori

Sudanese planes dropped bombs on a market in South Sudan, and attacked troops in the oil-producing Heglig oil region, beating the drums of an all-out war. But Egypt plans to intervene.
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Eritrea is an easy target for Ethiopia

20 Mar

By Simon Tisdall, Guardian

The isolated, friendless regime of Isaias Afwerki will find few international protectors against Ethiopia’s military incursions Ethiopia’s military incursion into neighbouring Eritrea, reinforced by weekend follow-up attacks, has received remarkably little international attention – and no outright condemnation, in the west at least. Britain said it was “deeply concerned” but declined to censure Addis Ababa. The US piously urged “restraint”. Eritrea’s demand that the UN security council punish Ethiopia has been met by deafening silence.

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Greed for power, human rights violations & misuse of aid in Ethiopia interwoven, research by UK-based investigative media group reveals

5 Aug

Revealed: Aid to Ethiopia increases despite serious human rights abuses

August 4th, 2011 | by Angus Stickler and Caelainn Barr | Published in All Stories, Ethiopia Aid Exposed | (Source:

Britain and the international community stand accused of turning a blind eye to widespread human rights abuses in Ethiopia, by providing billions of dollars of aid despite evidence that it is used as a tool of political oppression.

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