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Al-Shabab attacks African Union Janaale base, several AU troops killed

2 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Residents say Somali armed group control AMISOM base in Janaale, but African Union insists its troops are in control, according to international news outlets.
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Al-Shabab, Ramadan & Mogadishu’s killing fields

25 Jun

Posted by The Ethipoia Observatory (TEO)

A car bomb targeting a bulletproof vehicle carrying diplomats from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has killed at least 12 people, including four Somali soldiers, in Mogadishu. Local officials said that the Emiratis were unharmed.
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UK-Somali links raise concern as UN alleges corruption and arms deals

19 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Clár Ní Chonghaile

    Questions raised about Britain’s relationship with Somalia as UN alleges misappropriation of funds and exploitation of loopholes in an arms embargo

With humanitarian agencies warning of another hunger crisis in Somalia, questions are being raised about Britain’s relationship with the country’s president in the wake of a report by UN investigators alleging corruption and links with Islamic militants.
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As Western oil interests are served in Somalia, locals may head into fresh conflicts – U.N. report

17 Jul

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

By Michelle Nichols and Louis Charbonneau*

Western commercial oil exploration in disputed areas of Somalia and discrepancies over which authorities can issue licenses to companies could spark further conflict in the African nation, U.N. monitors warned in a confidential report.
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Somali Islamists threaten more carnage after attack on U.N. base

20 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

by Abdi Sheikh

(Reuters) – Somalia’s Islamist al Shabaab rebel group threatened to keep attacking “disbelievers” without respite, a day after launching a deadly assault against the United Nations in the capital Mogadishu.

Security was tight on Thursday as Somali army pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns blocked the main road linking the city center with the fortified airport and nearby U.N. base that was targeted. A water canon truck blasted away bloodstains on the street.
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Somali al-Shabab leader Abdikafi Mohamed Ali ‘captured’

6 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

The head of the Islamist militant group al-Shabab in Somalia’s north-eastern region of Puntland has been captured, an official has told the BBC.
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Somalia swears-in fairly elected president in 40 years; Gives cause for Ethiopians and Somalians to celebrate

11 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

The July question by the BBC in its map, below, “Who runs Somalia?”, now seems to have found a promising answer with the appointment Monday in Mogadishu of President Hassan Sheik Mohamud by a vote of 190 parliamentarians to 79, according to news reports.
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Somalia now has new constitution

2 Aug

Mogadishu — Delegates to the Somalia’s National Constituent Assembly (NCA) adopted Wednesday a new constitution for the horn of Africa country in 9-day gathering, the first in 52 years, ending the transitional period.

An 825-member constituent assembly, with delegates representing Somali clans and civil society debated the constitution for night-days, approved the constitution with 621 for, 13 against and 11 abstained from voting.

Somali prime Minster Abdiweli Mohamed Ali announced at the end of the approval session that Somalia has a constitution and the transitional period is ended, saying: “Today is a historic day for the Somali community and our country. today is the end of piracy and terrorism.”

Aside from approving the new constitution,Somalia’s leaders must before then also select a new 275-seat parliament and elect a new president on august 20.

For the duration of meeting, there have been two explosions, one on Wednesday (July 2, 2012), a gruesome suicide attacks by two bombers that detonated their explosive belts near the main entrance of the talks venue inMogadishu’s Hamar-jabab district, after the security guards opened fire on them and shot them dead before entering the site.

A soldiers was injured in the suicide attack, witnesses said.

Al shabab, which tied to Al Qaeda, claimed the responsibility for the attacks.

(Source: Shabelle Media Network)


UN SG welcomes adoption of constitution

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