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Sudan relocates 2000 Ethiopian refugees amid outbreak of communicable diseases

24 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

    Sudanese towns have recently seen large influx of illegal Ethiopian workers who enter the country through the porous border with Ethiopia.

November 23, 2014 (Sudan Tribune) – Sudanese authorities and popular bodies have evacuated two thousands Ethiopian nationals from the locality of El-Dabba in the Northern state following discovery of several Hepatitis and AIDS cases among them.
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Beleaguered Bashir looks for new life ordering release of all political prisoners

1 Apr

Posted by Admin

Sudan's al Beshir

Sudan’s al Beshir

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has said all political prisoners in the country are to be released.

In a speech at the opening of parliament, Mr Bashir also said the government was committed to a “national dialogue” with all groups.

It was not immediately clear how many prisoners would be released under the announcement.
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Sudan and South Sudan sign partial agreement in Addis Abeba

28 Sep


The leaders of Sudan and newly independent South Sudan inked a deal Thursday that will resume oil exports, but failed to address other key disputes between the recently divorced countries.
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Egypt’s Morsi shows defiance receiving Al-Bashir in Cairo

23 Sep
    Editor’s Note:

    Since his election in June as president, for the first time President Mohamed Mursi has given an extensive interview to Egyptian television. On foreign relations, he under lined the following:
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South Sudan: Oil Deal Reached in the Addis Ababa Talk

6 Aug

South Sudan Press Release

Juba — Nearly two days after the expiry of the UNSC deadline, Sudan and South Sudan have reached a major breakthrough on oil as part of efforts to resolve all outstanding post independence issues. A government official has announced.
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Sudan: Protesters clash with police over spending cuts

18 Jun

Sudanese students hurl stones at riot police amid protests against the regime’s decision to raise taxation and remove fuel subsidies ‘step by step’ aimed at encountering the country’s severe economic crunch.

Anti-regime protesters clashed with police in Sudan’s capital on Monday, witnesses said, as President Omar al-Bashir announced a raft of austerity measures aimed at propping up the country’s ailing finances.
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Sudan catches the Meles regime’s infectious disease; it also intensifies crackdown against the media

17 Jun

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

In spite of Sudan’s unpalatable politics of the past three decades, the country’s long standing tradition of press freedom has until now been untroubled. Of late, however, Ethiopia’s infection disease of notorious repression has also his the Sudanese media.
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Egypt steps in to prevent an all-out Sudan war

16 Apr

By Konye Obaji Ori

Sudanese planes dropped bombs on a market in South Sudan, and attacked troops in the oil-producing Heglig oil region, beating the drums of an all-out war. But Egypt plans to intervene.
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