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Delayed parliamentary committee report establishes TPLF forcibly-legitimised extradition by Somalia of Qalbi-Dhagah to Ethiopia illegal! TPLF succeeds brewing trouble to 10-month old Somalia gov’t

19 Nov

Hiiran Online picture of Abdulkerim Sheik Musa, known in Somalia as Qalbi Dhagax, TPLF describes as ONLF commander, while a victim of TPLF kidnapping last August, assuming he is Ethiopian. He is claimed to be a citizen of Somalia, a Col in Siad Barre army and veteran of the 1977 Ogaden war Somalia opened against Ethiopia. TPLF put the back of the newly-elected Somalia government against the wall to force a post facto pronouncement to describe kidnapping as extradition of a terrorist, exactly 20 days after his kidnapping by Gen. Gabre, a man shamefully with so many duplicitous titles, some of which include Ethiopian diplomat, Supreme Ethiopian Force Commander in Somalia and Political Advisor at IGAD

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