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Is Ethiopia sliding backwards under Abiy Ahmed?—Jazeera’s UpFront

14 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


In this episode of UpFront, we challenge Lencho Bati, an adviser to the office of the Ethiopian prime minister about Abiy Ahmed’s controversial handling of protests and ask why the Nobel laureate is so media-shy.



What a bad season! In a single day, I saw two individuals I had always respected going down the tuble. One is Lencho himself. The other is Taye Dendea, who during the week had lost two million Birr, taken from the Treasury to pay for Prosperity cadres in Training in Bishoftu. Has this been subjected to investigation. Taye said, those that broke into his car “had master key and when he went to lunch they had opened the car and took the money and other stuff.

Amid blackout, western Oromia plunges deeper into chaos and confusion shows clearly what the man I have always admired how he is attributing the problems Prosperity has faced to its enemies. That frigid explanation has robbed me of the person I admired: This he used to dismiss any failures of Abiy Ahmed Ali as a national leader. Go through the article, you would see what I am trying to explain.

Of all things, Taye, Prosperity Party’s spokesman, astounded me when he zeroed in on denying there were abducted university students. I read that denial in Ethiopia Insight. Here is a quote from Ethiopia Insight states:





ፕ/ር መረራ ጉዲና በአራት ኪሎ ቤተ መንግሥትና ሃዉልት እንገነባለን ላሉት በኢንጂ ይልቃል ጌትነት የተሰጠ ምላሽ

31 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)





Nobel Peace Prize: Never simple task zeroing on those that have “conferred the greatest benefit on mankind”

21 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Donald Trump? Hardly.

Reconciliation between the Koreas? Rather premature.

Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea? Probably missed the deadline.

As the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize looms, it’s easier to rule out names than guess who’s going to win.

This year the field of possibilities facing the five members of the Norwegian committee tasked with awarding the prize was pretty wide, with 331 individuals and organisations proposed for the prestigious prize, which will be announced on Friday in Oslo.

And, as usual, despite the fact the list of candidates is a secret, predictions about who might win are gathering pace.

With the postponement of this year’s Literature Prize for the first time in 70 years over a #MeToo scandal at the Swedish Academy, Friday’s peace award has become the most highly anticipated Nobel announcement this year.


The nascent reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea has also fuelled hope that a durable peace can be reached between the two neighbouring countries after 20 years of war.

For Wallensteen, the peace prize could go to Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed. But he only took power in April with his peace overtures coming to fruition this summer.

That is a little late for the Nobel committee, which takes nominations at the start of the year.

Given the lack of certainty and the limited scope of progress on potentially prize-winning initiatives, some observers are turning to some longer-term contenders.

/South China Morning Post

3 October 2018

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