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Historian Haile Larebo’s remarks on Ethiopian Government’s so-called New History Module

11 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

by Haile M. Larebo, BD, STL, Phd

A secret memo written to the Prime Minister Abiy by his top legal advisor, encapsulates the new perspective. This is what the advisor states about Ethiopian history.

“What we refer to, and used as, Ethiopian history to-date, is nothing but [an epic] that commemorates the hagiography of some nations. It is an isolationist history, which does not even mention the history of most Ethiopian nationalities, but particularly the history of the Oromo. (Highlight is mine).

Of this advice to the prime minister, the Historian Haile M. Larebo, scoffs: “The advisor has definitely no understanding of the evolution of historical writing in the world, in general, and Ethiopia, in particular.”

“From an honest historian’s perspective, the Module is nothing, but the regime’s hidden propaganda parading as an academic history course.”


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