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Ethiopian drought:                         Projected outlook through September 2016 foresees Belg prospects improving with April rains, while emergency situation continues

1 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)</em>

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports that the humanitarian situation in the eastern and southern Africa region has in the last six months significantly deteriorated as a result of continuing climatic and economic shocks and an increasing level of conflict. The global El Niño event has had a significant impact in southern Africa, parts of Sudan, Djibouti, north Somalia and northeastern parts of Ethiopia.
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Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan & Yemen said with the greatest needs for food aid thru 2016

26 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Fews.net Food Assistance Outlook Brief

This video version of FEWS NET’s Food Assistance Outlook Brief for April 2016, which projects humanitarian assistance needs in October 2016, shows:

    *   30 of the 34 countries that FEWS NET covers will have significant populations in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or worse food insecurity

    *   El Niño, conflict, and macroeconomic issues are the primary drivers of food insecurity

    *   El Niño is dissipating but a transition to La Niña, which brings a different set of concerns, is more likely by the end of 2016

    *   Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen are the countries with the greatest needs

    *   Severe and extensive drought in Southern Africa has significantly reduced crop production


Central and Northeastern Ethiopia in worse drought situation: Status to continue through Sept 2016

3 Apr

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The drought situation in Ethiopia has become so worrisome to the United Nations and the international humanitarian community that reently it has embarked on “a 90-day campaign to raise awareness about the food crisis in the country [to] raise funds to bridge a $700 million gap”, according to UN sources. This campaign is now needed because there is inadequate local resources and, for various reasons, international humanitarian response.
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Added push factors for Ethiopians escaping death to flee their nation: drought, thirst, hunger & human rights violations; food & water distribution depends on politics & luck – even local media report

20 Jan

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

In a December 19, 2015 article, which took Dawit Taye, a staff writer for The Reporter, 18 days and 7,000km into some of the heartlands of Ethiopia’s present drought – Oromia, SNNPR, Amhara and Tigray – wrote:

    “Nevertheless, the distribution of food aid is highly problematic according to The Reporter’s observation. Primarily food aid distribution is santy at best. According to conditions on the ground, the people who are currently receiving food aid are those who have been severely affected by food shortage. Those who have household resources and capacity to withstand for some time have received no food aid, so far.

    Yet again, those receiving the food aid are not even receiving more than 15 kilos of wheat; and since September in most of the woredas [districts] only two rounds of distributions were made (a measurement in par with the international standards). In connection with food aid distribution the issue of nepotism and political connection is criticized to be a major shortcoming; and to that end regional officials have confirmed such incidents and punishment of aid officials implicated in such dealings.”

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Ethiopia-donors-UN agree 4.5 million Ethiopians now in need of food aid after poor rains; TPLF got lowest threshold

25 Aug

Editor’s Note:

    UN agencies and non-governmental organizations operating in Ethiopia know that this 4.5 million people in need of food aid figure is a heavily negotiated number. Otherwise, given the size of the areas affected by the drought, and especially agricultural lands in Gojam and Oromia facing drought and possible famine, the present number is very small.
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አፋርና ሶማሌ ክልሎች ለግብርና ኢንቨስትመንት ሰፋፊ መሬቶችን ለማዕከላዊ መንግሥት እንዲያሰረክቡ ተወሰነ!

25 Jul

የአዘጋጁ አስተያየት፡

    ይህ አስፈላጊው የሕግና መዋቅራዊ ሁኔታ ሳይኖር፡ መሬት ያላግባብ ከሕዝብ እየተሰባሰበ (እየተፈናቀለ) የሚፈጸመው በእውነትም ለሃገራችን ልማትና ዕድገት ቢሆን ኖር፥ ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ በተደሰተ ነበር። ነገር ግን በሌሎቹ የኢትዮጵያ ክፍሎች እስከዛሬ እንዳየነው ከሆነ፡ ቀዳሚ ተጠቅሚዎቹ የሕወሃት ባለሥልጣናት፡ ቅጥረኞቻቸው፡ የእነርሱ ልጆች፣ ጓደኞቻቸው ናቸው። ከዚያ ካለፈም፡ ዞር ብለው በራሱ በሕወሃት አስተዳደር የሚስቁበት ባዕዳን ናቸው የኢትዮጵያን መሬት ተጠቃሚ የሆኑበት።
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Ethiopia’s pastoral areas to remain stressed, forecast says, “even with humanitarian assistance”

20 Aug

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Suseptibility to possible famine and evident hunger have again reared their ugly heads in some of Ethiopia’s regions, according to the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS.Net) and some representatives of affected areas.
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Drought conditions in parts of Afar, Amhara, Somali, Tigray & Oromiya regions

30 Jul

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory


      *   Faced with limited resources and growing needs, the WaSH Cluster called an extraordinary meeting on 22 July to prioritize needs. As of 23 July, the Cluster remained one of the least funded at 19.52 per cent

      *   The performance of the kiremt rains is expected to improve, in intensity and coverage, in the coming months, increasing the risk of flooding in areas receiving above-average rainfall.

      *   The relocation of South September) rains, the following areas are receiving average to above-average rainfall: eastern Sudanese asylum seekers from entry points to camps is temporarily suspended, pending the development temporary transit.

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