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Italy arrests two over migrant boat sinking

21 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The captain and a crew member of a boat that capsized off Libya on Sunday, killing hundreds of migrants, have been arrested, Italian officials say.
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Saudi expulsions leave broken dreams in Africa and Asia

20 Dec

By Angus McDowall, Praveen Menon and Aaron Maasho
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

(Reuters) – More than a million people from across the world – managers, maids, accountants and laborers – have left Saudi Arabia since March, after years or even decades working in the Gulf Arab state, which sustains its own citizens with oil revenues.
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Thousands of immigrants arrested in Saudi Arabia on first day of crackdown, Ethiopians included

4 Nov

Officers help illegal Indonesian workers get into a police van to transfer them to the detention center in Makkah on Monday (photo by Badea Abu Al-Naja)

Saudi Gazette – Posted by

JEDDAH/RIYADH – Inspection squads from the ministries of labor and interior started on Monday massive raids across the Kingdom to catch labor and residency law violators following the end of the amnesty period.
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