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በባሕር ዳር ጸረ-ወጣት የሆነው ወያኔ ወጣቱን መብራት አጥፍቶ በማፈን ላይ መሆኑ ተነገረ!

7 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
From ይርጋ ዓለም አምባቸው Facebook
ከባሕር ዳር ፖሊስ መምሪያ የመረጃ ቡድን መሪ ኮማንደር አትንኩት እና የፓሊስ ኮሚሽን የመረጃ ክፍል ኮማንደር ግርማ ተስፋሁን የሚመሩት ቡድን ተቋቁሞ በቀበሌ7፣በቀበሌ4፣ በቀበሌ5 እና 6 ሰውን በጅምላ እያፈሱትነው።

የባሕርዳር ወጣት ጠንቀቅ በል። ከቻላችሁ የነፍሰ በላው መንግስት ወታደሮች በማያገኟችሁስውር ቦታ ተደበቁ ካልተቻለ ግን በህብረት ተንቀሳቀሱ። ከተማ ሙሉ በሙሉ በጨለማ ተውጣለች መብራት በሙሉ አጥፍተዋል፣ሁኔታው ወደ አስፈሪነት ተቀይሯል። ወያኔ ወጣቱን ለማፈን ቤት ለቤት አሰሳ ለማድረግ ሳይሆን አንዳልቀረ አስተያየት ሰጭዎች ይናገራሉ ።
/ህሊና ዘቀበሮ ፀረህወአታዊያን

Bahir Dar is engulfed in darkness, power deliberately extinguished. Darkness suits the TPLF regime, because it is committing crime against our country’s youth.

Ethiopia has become a nation where it is a crime to be young, under the TPLF regime.

The regime’s security forces have swarmed that city of romance, parents worrying about their children, they as roam around to round up any and all youths.

The crime they are being hunted for is mourning for their friends whose young lives last year on this day the regime sniffed out!

Memorialisation of TPLF-massacred Bahir Dar youth a year ago set off Sunday with single explosion

7 Aug

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
As part of the first anniversary of memorialisation of 50 unarmed youth protesters that were shot and killed in Bahir Dar on August 7, 2016 by TPLF regime security, Bahir Dar on Sunday evening witnessed an explosion honouring memories of the fallen, according to Yrgalem Ambachew’s Facebook.

The TPLF victims were marching in the town to demand respect for their human and civil rights.
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