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Southern Ethiopia witnesses Guji mass disobedience, demanding MIDROC Gold expulsion, accusing al-Amouidi of brutal exploitation, water & soil pollution

5 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

(ESATNews February 4, 2016) The people of Guji, rooted and domiciled in southern Ethiopia, demand MIDROC Gold out of their land, in response of which police have arrested over a hundred protesters.
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Crocodile tears: UK’s unease by recent election outcome completing Ethiopia’s transformation into single-party rule

23 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office Press Release

Minister for Africa James Duddridge calls on Ethiopian government to increase diversity in parliament and ensure the voices of all citizens are heard.

Commenting on the election results, Minister for Africa James Duddridge said:

    “I welcome the fact that the recent Ethiopian parliamentary elections were conducted in a generally peaceful environment and that the Ethiopian people turned out in large numbers. I agree with European Union concerns about the negative impact on the electoral environment of arrests of opposition members and journalists, closure of media outlets, and obstacles faced by the opposition while campaigning.

    “In light of the results I urge the Ethiopian government to explore ways to increase the diversity of political parties in future parliaments, and to ensure those who voted for other parties this time still feel their voice is heard in the next five years. I hope that they will comprehensively address all the issues raised in the African Union Election Observation Mission report. The UK stands ready to offer support which might help in this regard.”


UPDATED NEWS: Kofele massacre; mass arrests around the country; Ethiopia in high tension

4 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

August 3, 2013 – Ethiopian government forces open fire on unarmed demonstrators throughout the country, killing 25 and injuring dozens more, according to Ethiopian activists who took part in the demonstrations.
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Massive Muslim protests rock Addis Abeba, scores of arrests: Where is our country headed?

21 Jul


By Aaron Maasho, Reuters, Addis Abeba

Ethiopian police clashed on Saturday with scores of Muslims protesters complaining that the state is interfering in their religion, witnesses and officials said.
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