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Ethiopia-Kenya border tense: 3,000 Kenyans flee Ethiopia Border

17 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

by Mathews Ndanyi, The Star

More than 3,000 families have fled their homes at the Kenya-Ethiopia border following increased tension after 10 fishermen were killed by Ethiopia militia yesterday.

Turkana and Ethiopian fishermen on Lake Turkana have been fighting, causing the families to retreat more than 30km from the border. Tukana North DC Eric Wanyonyi said security teams have been deployed along the border. Leaders from the region led by Senator John

Munyes said the frequent attacks along the border have impoverished the Turkana community. Seven bodies of fishermen killed by Ethiopian militia at Todonyang in Turkana North are still missing. Wanyonyi said GSU officers are patrolling Todonyang and areas around the lake.

Ethiopians ‘at particular risk of suffering setbacks’ in internet freedom in late 2012 & 2013

26 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

Ethiopia’s information sharing restrictions, against which the international community has frowned upon, are classified, according to Freedom House, under three categories. These are:
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