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Tedros Adhanom & foreign policy:   Is Ethiopia one undivided nation of equals, when only TPLF members are decision-makers, filling nation’s important security & diplomatic posts? How so & why? PART I

14 Jul

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin, The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Statement of the problem

Principle-based and clearly laid out foreign policy objectives are a window to the soul of a nation.

On the contrary, when a nation’s foreign policy obscures, or deliberately ignores the strong linkages between peace and stability on the one hand and justice on the other, there is no better indicator than something being terribly wrong at all levels.

For instance, how can one achieve peace in South Sudan that has backslid for the nth time into raw conflicts, in a situation where the very causes of the war are the peacemakers? We all know that the people who have become voiceless in the longest South Sudan tribulations are denied of the justice they deserve. Similarly, one can take the example of Somalia, where society has been under the gun since independence, while for more than two decades now the will of the people has been supplanted by the terrorists.
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Ban Ki-moon’s radar has become blind & mute to forcibly silenced & unlawfully detained Zone 9 bloggers & journalists & many others in Ethiopia

6 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

This past Tuesday afternoon, February 4, 2015, a friend of this blog sent the link to an article by Mathew Russell Lee, titled As Ban Ki-moon Speaks on Greste’s release, Silence on Zone 9 Bloggers. The story appeared on the Inner City Press and Google News. This article is thus partly a product of the prodding by that piece.
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Case studies: Authoritarianism and the securitization of development in Africa – Chad, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda 

30 Jan

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

    “For those who hoped to see the strengthening of human rights in Africa, with increasing governmental accountability and transparency, and with more inclusive and participatory forms of politics, this [situation – African resistance, erosion of Western dominance and the securitization of development] would not be good news.”

    – Jonathan Fisher and David M. Anderson, Authoritarianism and the securitization of development in Africa

New hypotheses and fresh arguments have been coming for a long time now to explain what has been shaping the post-Cold War relations between Western donor states on one hand and aid recipient African states and – to an extent – Eastern European governments on the other.
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Eritrea dreams of ending isolation, boosting development

20 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

by Jenny Vaughan, AFP

Long criticised for backing rebel groups across the Horn of Africa, Eritrea has said that ending its isolation is crucial for economic growth, blaming external threats for its slow development.
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Ethiopian scientist honored for contributions to African agriculture

2 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

Photo credit: ILRI/Zerihun Sewunet

Photo credit: ILRI/Zerihun Sewunet

Azage Tegegne, a senior scientist working with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Ethiopia has received recognition from Australia’s James Cook University for his outstanding contributions to agricultural research in Africa.

Tegegne, an Ethiopian, was one of 12 recipients of the 2013 James Cook University Outstanding Alumni Award given on 26 Jul in Townsville, Australia. The award pays tribute to graduates of the university who ‘have made an outstanding contribution in their field of endeavour and to the community’.
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Meningitis & terrorism: Has Ethiopia truly become danger zone – if so how did we miss that?

17 May

by Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory

                                            PART I. THE MENINGITIS CURSE

Sub-Saharan Africa's 'Meningitis Belt' (Courtesy of WHO)

Sub-Saharan Africa’s ‘Meningitis Belt’ (Courtesy of WHO)

Since Ethiopia is one of the 16 countries in what is known as the “meningitis belt” in Sub-Saharan Africa, which stretches from Senegal in West Africa to East Africa in Ethiopia, I started canvassing for as much information on the risks and fresh dangers of its outbreak to our country.
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TPLF agents are seeking asylum in Europe and North America for nefarious purposes; investigations underway

10 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

“ኦባንግ የኢህአዴግ ደጋፊ ስደተኞችን አስጠነቀቁ “በአስመሳይ ስደተኞች ላይ በቂ መረጃ አለ”

“ክፉን በክፉ መመከት ባያስደስትም ወቅቱ ያስገድደናል” ሲሉ የአዲሲቷ ኢትዮጵያ የጋራ ንቅናቄ ዋና ዳይሬክተር ኦባንግ ሜቶ በተለይ ለጎልጉል ተናገሩ። አገዛዙን ሸሽተው በተለያዩ አገራት ከለላ አግኝተው በስደት የሚኖሩም ሆኑ ጉዳያቸው እየታየ ያሉ ወገኖች አካሄዳቸውን እንዲያስተካክሉ አስጠንቅቀዋል።

Obang Metho

Obang Metho

የአሜሪካ ከፍተኛ ባለስልጣናትና ህግ አውጪዎች፣ የጀርመን የኢሚግሬሽን ሃላፊዎችና ከፍተኛ የፖለቲካ ሰዎች፣ ከኖርዌይ የኢሚግሬሽን ጉዳይ ሃላፊዎችና ተዛማጅ ሃላፊነት ካላቸው የህግ ክፍሎች፣ በካናዳ በተለያዩ ደረጃ ካሉ ባለስልጣናትና ወትዋቾች (አክቲቪስቶች)፣ በስዊድን አንዲሁም በእንግሊዝ በተመሳሳይ ግንኙነት ፈጥረው እየሰሩ መሆኑንን ያመለከቱት አቶ ኦባንግ “አገራቱ የስደት ፈቃድ ካገኙ በኋላ ለስደት ዳረገን ከሚሉት መንግሥት ጋር በቅርብ እየሰሩ ስላሉ አስመሳይ ስደተኞች አስገራሚ መረጃዎች መሰብሰባቸውን አውቃለሁ” ብለዋል።
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Australian Casino In ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Scam

16 Mar

Sky News

A high roller uses a casino’s own security cameras to steal more than £22m, mirroring a scene from the George Clooney film.

Australia’s largest casino has been scammed out of a reported $32m AUS (£22m) in an Ocean’s Eleven-style heist.

Melbourne’s Herald-Sun newspaper said a foreigner staying at the Crown Casino used the venue’s own surveillance cameras in the sting.
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