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Ayalew heads to Turkey and Sinqnesh to Brazil as envoys: Their sudden removal intrigues many, including insider Addis Fortune

23 Dec

Editor’s Note:

    Ayalew Gobeze and Sinqnesh Ejigu are both executive committee members of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM). In a leadership without a modicum either of decency or statesmanship, the speed with which the TPLF/EPRDF removed these officials from their posts – without prior notice and their expedited appointments as envoys – has only exposed the wickedness behind the clumsy maneuvering.
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Brazili’s President Rousseff urges protection of Internet users in debate at UNGA 68th

24 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

24 September 2013 – In her speech to the General Assembly’s high-level debate today, the President of Brazil, Dilma Roussef, urged the United Nations to play a leading role in protecting Internet users from illegal interception of communications and data, and decried recent allegations of electronic information spying as “serious violations of human rights”.
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Growth in the south in 2013: Bill Easterly vs. Dambissa Moyo

17 Mar

The World in 2013 – A must watch video (Courtesy of The Economist)

Pure economic variables vs the x-factors of productivity i.e., rule of law, freedom, political dynamism, with the dynamic Zanny Minton Beddoes of The Economist as facilitator.

TE – Transforming Ethiopia

CPJ Risk List: Where Press Freedom Suffered – Ethiopia one of the seven

16 Feb

By Karen Phillips

Ecuadoran law forbids the presidential family to benefit from state contracts. But after Christian Zurita and Juan Carlos Calderón’s book, Big Brother, revealed that President Rafael Correa’s brother had obtained $600 million in government contracts, they were the ones in trouble with the law. Zurita and Calderón were found guilty of defaming the president and ordered to pay $1 million in damages apiece. Correa later pardoned the two, having accomplished his goal of intimidating the nation’s press corps. “It was clear that no small or medium-sized media outlet was going to take on major critical reporting against the government,” Zurita told CPJ.
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Bill Gates vows to defeat hunger & diseases in Ethiopia: Could entrenched political interests allow him? – PART IV

2 May


The strong foreign interests of the last five years in Sub-Saharan Africa’s (SSA) agriculture, especially the huge financial flows into commercial agriculture, are evidence of the high promises the region’s agriculture holds for the future—not only for Africa but perhaps also beyond.

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UN Secretary-General’s blueprint on global sustainability launched from Addis Abeba

31 Jan

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin

Resilient People, Resilient Planet: A future worth choosing, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s blueprint “for creating a sustainable planet, a just society and a growing economy” was launched Monday from Addis Abeba, where he is attending the 18th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union.
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