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Ethiopian leather shoes finding markets across the world, but there is little to show for it

16 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Andualem Sisay Gessesse, The East African

    * Though Ethiopia’s leather industry has been facing challenges such as power shortages, logistics and contrabands.

    * The fact that some of the export quality producers are focusing on the local market is also a major challenge for the government’s vision of generating $500 million from the export of leather products by the end of 2015. Out of this target, the shoes sector is expected to generate around $360 million.

    * Over the past four years, Ethiopia has made less than $70 million from shoe exports.

    * The average export price of Ethiopian leather shoes for men is between $12 and $20 while locally, the products are being sold for between $22 and $32.

    * Big brands dominate the market and survive by outsourcing some of their services.

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Economist Justin Yifu Lin on state-led economic growth

18 Nov

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin


Economist Justin Yifu Lin retired from vice presidency of the World Bank at the end of May 2012. Since, he has returned to Peking University to do research and teach. Lin is a formidable advocate of state-led growth, which he popularized as New Structural Economics. In essence, it is advocacy mainly for manufacturing, with state led initiatives, in developing countries of which the World Bank has now become its foremost exponent.
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Egyptian Marxist economist speaks of capitalism, Islamists & the Arab Spring & the Gulf as obstacle ‘to rising Egypt’

5 Oct

Samir Amin (Photo: Ahram)

By Mary Mourad & Mohammed Saad

Renowned Marxist thinker and economist Samir Amin, has contributed, through his work and the Third World Forum which he leads, to understanding of the global economy and the analysis of underdevelopment.

Amin spoke to Ahram Online about how capitalism has developed over the years and how today’s world, Egypt included, is witnessing the “autumn of capitalism”, but is not yet in the spring of a new era of equality.
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