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Eritrean teen forced to witness Libya massacre: ‘I watched IS beheading Christians’

24 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Gianluca Mezzofiore, International Business Times (IBT)

A 16-year-old Eritrean migrant who escaped captivity under the Islamic State (Isis) in Libya has exclusively told IBTimes UK that the jihadists forced him to watch the beheading and shooting of Eritrean and Ethiopian Christians.
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Ethiopian state calls on religions “to nip off extremism & sectarianism showing in their institutions”

28 Aug

Editor’s Note:

    Why is it right for the state to use religious institutions to justify its oppression and denial of rights and freedoms of citizens under the guise of fighting terrorism? Does the state think citizens are unaware they are being called to be used by the minority group in power to strengthen its powers for more repression and oppression of Ethiopian citizens?
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መርዝ ከውጭ ይረጫል ወይም ከውስጥ ይመነጫል: Mesfin Woldemariam on TPLF-sponsored religious problems in Ethiopia

27 Feb

በመስፍን ወልደ ማርያም (ፕ/ር)

በአለፉት ሠላሳ አምስት ዓመታት ኢትዮጵያ ችግሮችን መፈልፈያ መሣሪያ ሆናለች፤ ለብዙ ምዕተ-ዓመታት ይዘናቸው (ምናልባትም አቅፈናቸው ማለት ይሻል ይሆናል) ስንንከባለል የቆዩ ችግሮች ሞልተውናል፤ እያሰብን እነዚያን የቆዩ ችግሮቻችንን በመፍታት ፋንታ ሌሎች አዳዲስ ችግሮችን እየፈለፈልን የተቆላለፉና የተወሳሰቡ፣ ውላቸው የጠፋ ችግሮችን ፈጥረናል፤ እየፈጠርንም ነው፤ አሁን በመፈጠር ላይ ያለው አዲስ ችግር እስላማዊ መንግሥት በኢትዮጵያ የሚል ነው፤ እስቲ እንመልከተው፡፡
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What is a post- Meles Ethiopia to look like? – First crack at a scenario by Egypt’s media

4 Aug

By Joseph Mayton, Bikyamasr

CAIRO: With Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s health reportedly teetering toward uncertainty, the question of an Ethiopia without the longtime leader is beginning to be questioned in the East African country.
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Haji Mohamed Seid speaks out about need to protect Ethiopia – both Christians & Moslems!

25 Jul


The elderly cleric urged Ethiopians to work together and harder to protect the country, a land of many faiths all of whose adherents have peacefully lived together. He emphasized that religion is private but country is commonly shared, without which there cannot be faith or worship.

From that he moved onto calling on all Ethiopians – Christians and Moslems – to rise to the occasion together and show the wisdom they have inherited from their ancestors by not allowing those that have been striving to break their fraternal ties – a bond that has kept them together in good and lean times. He said this is a historical responsibility to each and every Ethiopian.

Transforming Ethiopia TE

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