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Egypt offers partnership with Ethiopia on electricity projects to break stalemate in Nile dam talks

14 Jul

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

Editor’s Note:

The word ‘partnership’ might sound attractive; but never when it comes from an errant Cairo that is unsure of itself.  Moreover, let no Ethiopian forget this came after Egypt has exhausted all its machinations to undermine Ethiopia. For that matter, this has come against repeated and senseless beating of its war drums, through whose instrumentality it hoped to restore long lost exploitative colonial privileges in Africa the British had bequeathed to it.

I hope today no Ethiopian officials would fall for this scam. I understand they may be exhausted by internal bickerings, part of which they have long heaped responsibility on Cairo for the cruel internecine conflicts. Even in the course of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) negotiations, Ethiopia has long identified Egypt as the culprit awaiting for opportunities to destabilize it.

Also it serves Ethiopia well to recall that Meles Zenawi had initially kept the GERD secret, codenamed Project X. I would venture to recall he had early on rejected any collaboration (joint administration of the dam) with Egypt in any form, which knowing Egypt so well he had wondered whether cantankerous Cairo might not begin to demand managerial status and the key to the turbines—without contributing a dime toward its construction.

Meles never trusted Cairo. Nor did he have any fear of reminding Egyptian leaders how incapable they are in understanding war that it’s never a game for adults nor are they ace at it. 

Finally see in Al-Monitor what Egypt means by partnership; it has come with a key phrase “…to start studies on an electricity linkage project with Ethiopia…”

Unable to live in peace and mutual respect with Ethiopia, is Egypt now looking for business opportunities?

First things first, pl-ea-se!

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