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የአርብ ዕለቱ የደብረጽዮን ‘ጠብ ያለሽ በዳቦ’ መጭውን ቀናትና ወራት በእርሳቸው እጅ በሃገራችን ላይ ምፅዓትን አመላካች ይሆን?

16 Dec

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory TEO
አዲሱ የሕወሃት ሊቀ መንበር በየሄዱበት ለዘመናት ዝናቸው የሚቀድማቸው በመሆናቸው፣ ስለእርሳቸው ብዙ የሚሠማው ሠቅጠጥ የሚያደርግ ከደም ማፍሰስ ጋር የተያያዘ ብቻ ነው።

ውስጡ እንዲህ የሆነውን ግለሰብ ፈረንሣዮች ‘ደመ መራራ’ — Le misanthrope — ለሰው ልጅ ጥላቻን ያረገዘ ነው! እጅግ ጠቃሚ ቃል ነው። በአንጻሩ እንግሊዞች ደግሞ የዚህን ተጻራሪ ባህሪ Idealist, Positivist ይሉታል። እነዚህን እዚህ የምጠቅስበት ምክንያት፡ የሕወሃቱን አዲስ መሪ በቅርብ በመመዘን ላይ ያሉ ዜጎችን ጥረት ለማገዝ ነው።

በእኔ እምነት ደብረጽዮን ገብረሚካኤል Le misanthrope ክፍል ውስጥ ሊመደቡ ይገባችዋል ብዬ አምናለሁ።
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ሃገራችንን ሙልጭ አድረገው የጋጧት እየተዝናኑ፡ ሕወሃት የ210 ባለሃብቶችን ንብረት አገድኩ ይለናል መፍትሄ ይመስል!

10 Aug

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

አዲስ አበባ ነሃሴ 4፣ 2009 (ኤፍ.ቢ.ሲ) ከሰሞኑ በሙስና ተጠርጥረው ጉዳያቸው በሕግ እየታዩ ካሉ የመንግስት የሥራ ሀላፊዎች፣ ባለሀብቶችና ደላሎች ጋር ግንኙነት ያላቸው የ210 ግለሰቦችና ተቋማት ንብረት ታገደ።
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What has torture-in-chief minister Debretsion Gebremichael to do with Ogaden? Is he truly Ethiopia’s security-in-chief? Is it because of that Ethiopia tails all nations in its digital development?

30 Jun

Editor’s Note:

    The article hereunder was published on this page on June 30,2016, at the onset and deepening of the Ethiopian protests — at the time known as the Amhara and Oromo protests.

    It was at the height of that crisis the supposedly-minister of information communication, now the newly-minted boss of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Debretsion Gebremichael flew to the Ogaden on June 27, 2016.

    At the time, I quietly wondered what he was doing there, never trying to hire any pieces of information in my head to my aid. At the risk of exposing my laziness, let me say, I should have known better since I had long been aware of his role within the TPLF since he presented his services to the Front in security and espionage area.
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