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Payback time ? Angry residents in Gambella set Indian-owned farm on fire, destroying farm properties

26 Oct

Editor’s Note:

    It is inescapable that we are constantly reminded of the deceptive words of Meles Zenawi through such angry reactions and destructions of deceived and victimized people. These are prices we have to pay as a nation for the bad and wrong policies of the TPLF and its minions. Such actions are retributions for the humiliation, repression, mistreatments and shameless deceptions our people have to put up with.
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Protected natural forestlands allotted for national park quietly turned into booties for political cadres of the ruling party: investigation confirms

9 Oct

Observation by Keffyalew Gebremedhin

This is a story about corruption–corruption to acquire lands, trees and water. It is corruption by party and government officials in Ethiopia. It is the story of greed that has entailed destruction of natural resources, trees and protected parks. We know what that means: a country generously endowed with natural resources is being misdirected once again into continuing to starve because of the selfish interests of the few–politicians and their rich friends. Because of that, in Ethiopia today, as in the past, the destruction of forests, accelerated soil erosion and land degradation has continued unabated. Today, it is the TPLF/EPRDF members and government officials that are being caught red-handed from time to time as they cut big for themselves, even when it affects the rest of society.

The credit belongs to journalists in The Ethiopian Reporter, as they are the ones that have uncovered this story about corruption in lands and forest resources that appeared on the Saturday 9 October 2011 issue of their newspaperhttp://www.ethiopianreporter.com/news/293-news/3670-2011-10-08-12-04-21.html>. The unofficial translation of the title reads: “Study confirms area designated for Millennium Park is handed over to individuals and political cadres.”
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