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Why I have not contributed to the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund

25 Apr

The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

by Bruck Kebede

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed should not have appointed a divisive figure to chair the Advisory Council

On 6 July 2018, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made an impassioned plea to the diaspora community to contribute a dollar a day for vital socio-economic projects. In his address to the House of Peoples’ Representatives, the Prime Minister urged the diaspora community to put aside a dollar-a-day from their daily macchiato runs. Abiy projected that three million Ethiopians living in the diaspora could generate up to $30 million a month. He also reassured the diaspora community that their contribution would be well-managed by an independent trust fund. “Not even one cent will be misused,” he promised in Amharic.

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