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Floods destroy meagre crops in Ethiopia’s lush highlands

15 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The worst drought for decades in Ethiopia’s northern highlands has ended, but unusually heavy downpours threaten to ruin crops and exacerbate food insecurity as flash flooding turns roads to rivers and swamps fields Photographs by James Whitlow Delano/USAid

The worst drought for decades in Ethiopia’s northern highlands has ended, but unusually heavy downpours threaten to ruin crops and exacerbate food insecurity as flash flooding turns roads to rivers and swamps fields
Photographs by James Whitlow Delano/USAid via The Guardian

In its latest report, Fews.Net notes that the June to September Kiremt rains have gradually decreased since mid-August, although rainfall totals in most northern and western areas remained above average.
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Ethiopia’s state of emergency could trigger civil war and food shortage

13 Oct

Editor’s Note:

    TEO wholeheartedly endorses the content of the article hereunder. It reflects a reality of the voiceless majority in Ethiopia.

    In normal times and for long, their condition having been rendered non-existent and below the radars of human concerns; even in times of turmoil and the hunger for change such as now, it is only the roars of officialdom, their guns and tanks that seemingly are louder.

    Nonetheless, Ethiopians are in uncharted territory, confronted as our nation has been by a cruel and soulless foe.

    And yet in the midst of the widespread criminal torturing of citizens and killings, we find ourselves all pushed onto funeral grounds, where our minds sneakily appreciate the flowers – not ceremonial but the wild ones.
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Man’s cruelty to man & nature’s fury join hands in Ethiopia: Ethiopia’s pastoralist population lose only asset – their animals!

5 Jul

Editor’s Note:

    A collaborative international community has managed to get to July 2016 with the food insecure population in Ethiopia remaining a static 10.2 million! The TPLF may consider this a successful season of political deception, whose competence has been beyond comparison. Let’s fact it! What has taken place in Ethiopia, the whole thing attributed to El Niño, while it was, has been and is politics at its worst in the international humanitarian sphere!

    We urge those with the means and power to help launch international investigation into this form of international political prostitution. Such politics has desecrated noble international endeavor many have devoted themselves to, their monies and skills as essential and beneficial service to mankind in misfortune!

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Ethiopia is being destabilized by food insecurity and border disputes

10 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Global Risks Insights

Again large parts of Southern Africa and Eastern Africa, including South-Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Somalia and parts of Kenya and Uganda, have been affected by the strengthening weather phenomenon El Nino. The drought has been persistent since November last year and has been causing major food security issues in the regions. While the drought is worst in the southern countries, East Africa is becoming increasingly unstable due to the fatal combination of famine, terrorist insurgencies, political pressure and regional instability.
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Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan & Yemen said with the greatest needs for food aid thru 2016

26 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Fews.net Food Assistance Outlook Brief

This video version of FEWS NET’s Food Assistance Outlook Brief for April 2016, which projects humanitarian assistance needs in October 2016, shows:

    *   30 of the 34 countries that FEWS NET covers will have significant populations in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or worse food insecurity

    *   El Niño, conflict, and macroeconomic issues are the primary drivers of food insecurity

    *   El Niño is dissipating but a transition to La Niña, which brings a different set of concerns, is more likely by the end of 2016

    *   Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sudan and Yemen are the countries with the greatest needs

    *   Severe and extensive drought in Southern Africa has significantly reduced crop production


COP21: Ready or not, drought tests Ethiopia, while regime’s cover-ups contradict naked reality of hunger building mini palaces @$1.3 mil each for retiring senior officials

27 Nov

Editor’s Note:

Trying to change the image of famine that has become Ethiopia’s marker is understandable and noble. Thus locking the gate on drought and famine once and for all with modern drought-resistance agriculture and improved human capabilities is reliable solution; today or tomorrow it is the right answer, not covering it up with lies and shenanigans. That is why today’s TPLF approach solely propaganda is unacceptable.
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How bad is the drought in Ethiopia? A must-read persuasive perspective

19 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
By Ben Parker

Alarm bells are ringing for a food emergency in Ethiopia. The UN says 15 million people will need help over the coming months. The government, wary of stigma and therefore hesitant to ask for help, has nevertheless said more than eight million Ethiopians need food assistance. Extra imports to stem the crisis are already pegged at more than a million tonnes of grain, beyond the government’s means. Inevitably, comment and media coverage compare the current situation with 1984 – the year Ethiopia’s notorious famine hit the headlines. Reports suggest this is the worst drought in 30 years. One declares it a “code red” drought. So how bad actually is it?
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A regime in denial of the severe drought & hunger in Ethiopia until it was late for many now says it’s been responsible humanitarian actor

19 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Jacey Fortin, NYT, Ethiopia, a Nation of Farmers, Strains Under Severe Drought

MIESO, Ethiopia — Every day, Yasin Mohammed Aliye stakes out a spot on his small farm to chew khat leaves, a stimulant, and guard against intruders.
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