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Deltares withdraws from commissioned studies of Ethiopia’s dam: Could this mire GERD in further difficulties?

11 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO

This time around, it has become like the story of a patient the causes of whose ill-disposed health her physician(s) could not easily diagnose.
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Why is Ethiopia’s hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile sized for 6000 MW?

9 Dec

by Asfaw Beyene*, Ph.D.
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

This is continuation of my previous commentary entitled “Reflections on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam,” dated 14 June 2013. Here, I will try to address the issues of size and capacity of the dam which were missing from my previous article. Thank you all who brought this issue to my attention, Dr. SK in particular.
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A professional’s reflections on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

8 Dec

by Asfaw Beyene,* Ph.D.
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

On a recent Sunday morning a friend called and asked me to tune-in to an online discussion forum on one of the Ethiopian Paltalk forums. 500 attendants, the maximum allowed per room, packed the voice chatting room. After several attempts, I was able to join the room, which was managed by a postmaster named Aba Mela whose civil tone was pleasing.
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