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GMO, the Int’l Struggle for Environmental Protection & the role of an Ethiopian Policy-maker & Scientist in it

9 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

“In accordance with the precautionary approach contained in Principle 15 of the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, the objective of this Protocol is to contribute to ensuring an adequate level of protection in the field of the safe transfer, handling and use of living modified organisms resulting from modern biotechnology that may have adverse effects on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity, taking also into account risks to human health, and specifically focusing on transboundary movements.”

—From the Introduction to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

An open letter by Dr. Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher

In an open letter, former Director-General of the Environmental Protection Authority of Ethiopia and the spokesperson of the Like-Minded Group (Group of 77 & China) at the Montreal and Cartagena biosafety talks, Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher, urges the government to respect the legal status of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety.

My name is Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher. I turned 80 on 19 February 2020.

I studied in Bangor, North Wales, United Kingdom, for my PhD in plant ecology. It is obvious that there is an overlap between plant ecology and animal ecology.

It is with this background that I served my country as the Director-General of the Environmental Protection Authority of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, based in Addis Ababa, my country’s capital. It was because of this background that I led the Ethiopian delegation, including in the negotiations on biosafety and genetic engineering.

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በዘመናችን ከሚታዩት መንግሥታዊነት ብቃት ማነስ የተከሰቱ የአስተዳደር ጉድለቶችና ለሕይወትና ንብረት ተጠያቂነት አለመኖር ተጠቃሽ መሆን ከሚገባቸው የአዲስ አበባ ምሣሌዎች መካከል

17 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

አዲስ አበባ ፣ ጥር 8 ፣ 2008 (ኤፍ.ቢ.ሲ) ባለፉት ስድስት ወራት ብቻ በአዲስ አበባ በሚገኙ ዋና ዋና የቀለበት መንገዶች ላይ 132 የንብረት ጉዳት መድረሱን የአዲስ አበባ መንገዶች ባለሰልጣን አሰታወቀ።
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TPLF sneaks into Ethiopia’s seeds market, jeopardizing food security goal merely to ensure its continuity in power & privilege

29 Sep

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The empty and or misleading propaganda of ruling party political cadres’ aside, Ethiopia has only come a short distance from their party congress of early 2013 in Bahir Dar to this moment to boast about the transformed Ethiopian agriculture.
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Biofuel deal stumbles in Kenya – civil society organizations protect environment!

2 Jul

By Leah Temper*

A campaign by Nature Kenya and other Environmental Justice Organizations (EJOs) has saved the Dakatcha Woodland Important Bird Area (IBA) from destruction from biofuel crops after Kenya’s National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) rejected clearance for a pilot project on over 10,000 ha of land.
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