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በቡራዩና አካባቢዋ በቅርቡ በደረሰው የንፁሃን ማፈናቀል፣ግድያና ዘረፋ—ምናልባትም የመጀመሪያው ግልጽ ሊባል የሚቻል—የ2 ተቃዋሚ ፓርቲዎች ዕይታ!

24 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)



በቡራዩ አረመኔያዊውን ተግባር የፈጸሙት መንግሥት ‘የተደራጁ ኃይሎች’ ናቸው ብሎናል! መንግሥትም በተከታታይ ከመንግሥትነቱ እንዲያንስ በመደረጉ ኢትዮጵያዊነት ስለተጎዳ፣መንግሥትና ሕዝቡ በጊዜ በቃ ሊሉ ይገባል!

የኢትዮጵያን ደኅንነት የማይሹ ‘የቀን ጅቦች’ ግጭት በማናፈስ ላይ መሆናቸውን ዶር ዐቢይ እንደገና ለዜጎች ገለጹ!

16 Jun


“በአንዳንድ አካባቢዎች የተፈጠረው ግጭት በምንም መስፈርት ህብረተሰቡን የማይወክል መሆኑን መንግስት ገለፀ”!

ግጭቶችን በማነሳሳትና በማባባስ ሕወሃት በሥልጣን ላይ ለመቆየት የጀመረው አካሄድ አደገኛ እየሆነ ነው!

17 Apr

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


Trump’s Tough Approach to Ethiopia

9 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Rachel Ansley, The Atlantic Council
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson traveled to Ethiopia this week to underscore US support for a crucial partner that finds itself in a crisis.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned unexpectedly on February 15 in the wake of violent anti-government protests. The government then imposed a nationwide state of emergency that lawmakers endorsed earlier in March.
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የጎሳ ግጭቶችን ተከትሎ በኢትዮጵያ አዲስ የርሃብ አደጋ እያንዣበበ መሆኑን ዓለም አቀፍ የቤተክርስቲያናት ኅብረት አስታወቀ!

8 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
የካቲት 29 ቀን 2010 ዓ/ም (ኢሳት ዜና) በአሁኑ ወቅት ያለው የድርቅ ሁኔታ ካለፈው ዓመት 2017 እ.ኤ.አ. ጋር ሲነጻጸር በከፋ ደረጃ ላይ ይገኛል የሚለው ህብረቱ፣ በተለይም በአፋር፣ በሶማሊያና በኦሮሚያ ክልሎች የሚገኙ አርብቶ አደሮች በድርቁ ክፉኛ ተጠቅተዋል።

በኢትዮጵያ ካለፉት አርባ ዓመታት ጀምሮ በተደጋጋሚ ጊዜያት ረሃብ እየተከሰቱ ነው።
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Former army chief calls for establishment of independent commission

10 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by The Reporter

“[S]ave the country from any unforeseen fate that awaits it.”

Former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, Tsadkan Gebretensae (Let. Gen.), called for the establishment of an independent commission, to prepare a level political playing field for the upcoming elections, if Ethiopia is to shrug off its current challenges and become a stable country.

In an exclusive interview with The Reporter, Tsadkan indicated that, the current situation in the country is beyond the control and management capabilities of the current system and only an independent commission, which is free from the dominance of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) can save the country from any unforeseen fate that awaits it.
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New exemptions from travellers duties in midst of forex crisis, ethnic conflicts, displacements, hunger & education interrupted! Perhaps a necessity for the emerging TPLF aristocracy!

30 Dec

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Addis Fortune: New Directive Exempts Travellers from Duties
The Ministry of Finance & Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) issued a new directive which entitles travellers to bring in items for personal use free from!customs duties.

Drafted jointly by MoFEC and Ethiopian Revenues & Customs Authority (ERCA) for the past two years, the Directive was ratified by Abraham Tekeste (PhD), minister of Finance & Economic Cooperation on December 15, 2017.
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NEWSWEEK: Why is US worried about Ethiopia? US seems to choose diplomacy over public forum to deal with TPLF regime’s rogue behaviour

20 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Conor Gaffey
Ethiopia is a major U.S. ally in Africa. The government in Addis Ababa has long cooperated with Washington on security and counterterrorism while benefiting generously from U.S. aid. In 2016, the U.S. pledged $809 million to Ethiopia, behind only war-torn South Sudan and Kenya, another Western ally, in sub-Saharan Africa.
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