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Exiled prominent journalist & activist write open letter to Ethiopia’s security chief, following threats to families back home

6 Jul

Editor’s Note:

    Ethiopia under the TPLF is seen more and more sinking to the lowest of the lowest, atrociousness and Nazi-type repression as its hallmark. It is a worrisome time to be Ethiopian for everyone now, save the TPLF bosses and their bootlickers!

    An opposition leader Habtamu Ayalew was tortured in prison for more than two years. When he was released recently, he fell gravely ill in consequence of the brutal tortures to his manhood. Doctors wrote recommendation for him to be treated abroad. While a dying man in hospital bed awaits exit visa, the regime ruled it out, saying it could not take decision before October 21 – to make sure he is dying. When his wife heard this Tuesday, she fainted in court. Could there be justice in Ethiopia, with the brutes in power?
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Unfortunate plight: Ethiopian journalists must choose between being locked up or locked out

31 Dec

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Nicole Schilit, Journalist Assistance Associate

A sharp increase in the number of Ethiopian journalists fleeing into exile has been recorded by the Committee to Protect Journalists in the past 12 months. More than 30–twice the number of exiles CPJ documented in 2012 and 2013 combined–were forced to leave after the government began a campaign of arrests. In October, Nicole Schilit of CPJ’s Journalist Assistance program and Martial Tourneur of partner group Reporters Without Borders traveled to Nairobi in Kenya to meet some of those forced to flee.
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Somalia, Ethiopia & Eritrea lead Sub-Sahara in violence against journalists, forcing them into exile

21 Jun

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

by William Eagle, VOA

The Committee to Protect Journalists says in the past year, 55 journalists in 21 countries have gone into exile because of violence, threats and imprisonment. An official of the committee says an estimated 40% of those who’ve fled are from sub-Saharan Africa.
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Ethiopian Court Slaps Lengthy Terms Against Opposition Leaders

13 Dec

By Sudan Tribune

Addis Ababa — Ethiopia’s Federal High Court has handed out lengthy jail terms against two opposition figures who were convicted of having links with proscribed terrorist group, the Oromo Libration Front (OLF).
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