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Amnesty International’s Report: Beyond Law Enforcement: Human rights violations by Ethiopian security forces in Amhara & Oromia Regions

29 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


The political reforms introduced in Ethiopia by the government in 2018 presented the country with an opportunity to break with its abysmal human rights record marred by extrajudicial killings, torture and other ill-treatment and enforced disappearance among other serious human rights violations.

Notable among the reforms was the release of thousands of political prisoners, allowing the return of opposition politicians from exile and registration of their political parties in the country, and the repeal of repressive laws such as The Charities and Societies Proclamation and the Anti-terrorism Proclamation that had been used by past governments since 2009 to paralyze local media, civil society and opposition political parties.

While initial first steps have been taken towards improving the human rights environment in the country, a persistence of old-style patterns of violence perpetrated by the security forces threatens to derail sustained long-term gains.

Amnesty International conducted research into the Inter-communal violence that took place in the Amhara and Oromia regions of the country in 2019 and found that members of the Ethiopian Defence forces, regional police special force, local administration officials and allied militia armed youth and vigilante groups carried out serious human rights violations in parts of Oromia and Amhara regions in the zones of East Guji and West Guji in Oromia, Regional State and the West Gondar and Central Gondar zones of Amhara Regional State.

Researchers found that security forces deployed in the two Guji zones in Oromia carried out extrajudicial executions, arbitrary arrest and detention, torture and other forms of ill-treatment, forced evictions, and destruction of property. In Amhara region, they discovered evidence that the Regional special police units and local administration militia were complicit in inter-communal violence between the Amhara and Qimant ethnic communities in West and Central Gondar.

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Relatives fear for missing political prisoners from Ethiopian jail

25 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

The Prison, which is jailed about several thousand political inmates that live in unbearable living conditions and systemically starved and beaten. This jail ,with its 20 unclean cells overcrowded with prisoners that experience lack of proper jail food services, lack of jail exercise yard, and has only two toilets that serve several thousand prisoners, moreover the Ethiopian guards constantly intimidate, severely torture including beating with strong sticks, electric shock, and suffocating with pouring buckets of ice water over the heads of the prisoners for confession during the interrogation.
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Donor policies not significantly affected by the deteriorating human rights situation in Ethiopia: HRW

31 Jan

By Human Rights Watch

WORLD REPORT 2013: This 23rd annual report by Human Rights Watch summarizes human rights conditions in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide in 2012. It reflects extensive investigative work that Human Rights Watch staff has undertaken during the year, often in close partnership with domestic human rights activists.
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