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Landmark ruling by Dutch court stops government attempts to spy on the poor – UN expert

5 Feb

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


“This decision sets a strong legal precedent for other courts to follow. This is one of the first times a court anywhere has stopped the use of digital technologies and abundant digital information by welfare authorities on human rights grounds,” added Alston.

The litigation revolved around a tool called “System Risk Indication” (SyRI). Used to identify specific individuals as more likely to commit benefit fraud, it gives central and local authorities wide-ranging powers to share and analyze data that was previously kept in separate “silos”.”


GENEVA (5 February 2020) – The UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, applauded a landmark ruling by the District Court of the Hague in The Netherlands today. The court ordered the immediate halt to a digital benefit fraud detection tool targeted at poor neighborhoods in the Netherlands because it violated human rights norms.

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Inequality is undermining democracy in Africa

4 Nov

Editor’s Note:

    We are not sure about which “democracy” the author is referring to. Certainly, as to Africa’s fastest growing economies the people are certain its being turned into a fable created by the local mafia and serve as a casino for American, Chinese, European, Indian and Turkish investors, etc., – most of them wannabes and in a rush to cash in their profits.
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Reforming the World Bank: Zen and the art of poverty reduction

21 Oct

The Economist, Oct 19, 2013 – Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

Calm and confusion at the world’s biggest development institution

Take me to your infrastructure practice (Courtesy of The Economist)

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