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ኢየሱስ ወርቅ ዛፉ ሕወሃት የሚኩራራበትን ሥርዓት ችግሮች — ከሙያ ዕጥረት፡ማስመሰል እስከ ጉበኝነት ባለሥልጣኖቹን አስታወሱ!

7 Jul

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


What do Oromo protests mean for Ethiopian unity? – A reasonably better off BBC perspectives to date!

9 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

As protests in Ethiopia over the rights of the country’s Oromo people continue, Addis Ababa-based journalist James Jeffrey considers if they are threatening the country’s unity.
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Oromo protests: Dealing with the fear of “Oromia is kienga!” & Addis Abebans are foreigners”

25 Jan

By Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
The other day, when I was reading Prof. Messay Kebede’s Unity Overrides Everything on the Zehabesha, I came across a comment by Ato Abegaz. He has two main concerns:

    (a) suspicion of Oromos that “shout Oromia is kiegna”; and

    (b) allegations against Dr. Tsegaye Ararssa, on whom he levels the accusation of authoring the claim “Addis Ababans are foreigners.”

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