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Ethiopian attempt to begin filling Renaissance Dam may scupper deal with Egypt and Sudan, say experts

13 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Arab News

“Egypt, on the other hand, demanded filling the reservoir over a period of nine years.”

CAIRO: There are fears that a unilateral attempt by Ethiopia to begin filling a huge new dam on the Nile will lead to the failure of technical discussions with Egypt and Sudan.

Disagreements between Ethiopia and Egypt on filling the reservoir and generating power within a few months on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), which will be the largest in Africa, could not be resolved during the Tripartite National Technical Committee’s meeting, which brought together the Egyptian, Sudanese and Ethiopian ministers of water and was held in Addis Ababa on Oct. 19.
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The many doors of Egypt’s diplomacy: Irrigation minister’s deal on GERD under scrutiny by foreign minister

3 Sep

Editor’s Note:

    Is Egypt having second thought about the latest agreement on Nile waters issues, especially after the Irrigation Minister Hossam El-Moghazi told the Egyptian media on August 27, 2014 that 85 percent of Egypt’s problems regarding Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Dam have been solved at the fourth round of the talks in Khartoum? If not, could it be the reservoir filling question, which would start in a not too long distant? Or is Egypt seeking some extra concessions to reach final agreement?
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