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የጨርቃ ጨርቅ ኢንዱስትሪው ተስፋ ያደረጋቸው የውጭ ኩባንያዎችና በእንጭጭ ያስቀሩት ዕቅድ – ስለኢትዮጵያ ኢንዱስትሪ ጉዞ ከተነሳ ዘንዳ…

11 Nov


    ባለቤትነትን የሚፈጥረው የራስ ጥረትና በራስ መተማመን መሆናቸውን ሕወሃት በብልሹ ፖለቲካው ምክንያት ዘንግቶ ዜጎችንም በማዘናጋት ላይ ነው! ለዝርዝሩ ሰሞኑን ዘኢኮኖሚስት (Nov 7th) የተሰኘው መጽሔት ስለኢትዮጵያና አፍሪካ የኢንዱስትሪ አስፈሪ ጉዞ አሰመልክቶ ሰለጻፈው ጉዳይ የሠጠነውን መልስ ይመልከቱ፡-

    Is Africa deindustrializing? The Economist praise of Ethiopia’s manufacturing efforts raises eyebrows

    “If the past is any guide to the present and the future, impetuous as the the TPLF regime has been in this quarter century of exercising state powers, it is in no position to translate these neatly laid out plans [Industrial Development Plan] into action, since the rulers themselves are in need of upgrading and undergoing their substantial transformations.”

    The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

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Local Ethiopians miss out as big agriculture firms struggle in Gambella

1 Jan

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by William Davison in Gambella

Jakob Pouch says his community in Gambella hasn’t benefited from a nearby commercial farm. Photograph: William Davison via The Guardian

As dusk envelops the grasslands of Gambella in western Ethiopia, a weary Jakob Pouch sits on a jerry can, resting his chest against a wooden staff. The 45-year-old evangelical preacher from the Nuer community has just made the three-hour walk from the banks of the Baro river, where he tends to his large family’s small plot of corn. His daughters are preparing cabbage and cobs to be cooked on an open fire.
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Ethiopia’s Development Bank (EDB) ends 70/30 loan support to foreign investors

3 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

What has made Ethiopia attractive to a certain extent to medium-level foreign investors up until this point has been the country partly providing government support in the form of loans, heretofore known as the 70/30 investment facilitation arrangement to foreign nationals and companies. The investor comes with 30 percent of his/her investible capital and the 70 percent balance is provided by the government as loan, payable within seven years.
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Ethiopia’s Abundant Farming Investments Leave Many Still Hungry

9 Feb

By PBS’s Fred de Sam Lazaro

In Ethiopia, farms backed by foreign investors are growing with abundance, while native farmers subsist on food aid. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports about the unlikely abundance in a land known for famine.

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