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በምዕራብ ኢትዮጵያ ተከስቶ የነበረው የጸጥታ ችግር መፈታቱን በመከላከያ ሠራዊት የምዕራብ ዕዝ ዋና አዛዥ አስታወቁ

17 Dec

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

ዋና አዛዡ ሜጀር ጀኔራል አስራት ደኔሮ (ኢዜአ)

አሶሳ ታህሳስ 7/2011 (ኢዜአ) በምዕራብ ኢትዮጵያ አካባቢዎች በጸጥታ ችግር ምክንያት ሲያጋጥም የነበረው የትራንስፖርትና የንግድ እንቅስቃሴ መስተጓጎል ችግር መፈታቱን በመከላከያ ሠራዊት የምዕራብ ዕዝ ዋና አዛዥ አስታወቁ።

ዋና አዛዡ ሜጀር ጀኔራል አሥራት ደኔሮ ለኢዜአ እንደገለጹት በቤኒሻንጉል ጉሙዝና በኦሮሚያ ክልል አጎራባች አካባቢዎች የታጠቁ ኃይሎች የፈጠሩት የጸጥታ ችግር በህይወትና በንብረት ላይ ጉዳት አድርሷል።

ከዚህ በተጨማሪ ከአሶሳ አዲስ አበባ፣ ከነቀምት አዲስ አበባ፣ ከነቀምት አሶሳ እና ከነቀምት ቡሬ መስመር የንግድና የትራንስፖርት መስተጓጎል ሲያጋጥም መቆየቱን ተናግረዋል።

“ችግሩን ያስከተሉት የታጠቁ ሃይሎች ከሃገር መከላከያ ሠራዊት አቅም በላይ ሆነው አይደለም” ያሉት አዛዡ የብሄራዊ ጸጥታና ደህንነት ምክር ቤት ባሳለፈው ውሳኔ መሠረት ሰሞኑን የምዕራብ እዝ ሃይል አካባቢውን መቆጣጠሩን አስረድተዋል።

ሠራዊቱ ከሁለቱ ክልሎች ጋር በመተባበር ባካሔደው የተጠናከረ ፍተሻ አካባቢው መረጋጋቱን ገልጸው በአማራ ክልል ከቅማንት አስተዳደር ጋር ተያይዞ የተከሰተው የጸጥታ ችግርም ካለፉት ሁለት ሣምንታት ወዲህ ወደ ሰላም መመለሱን ተናግረዋል።

ለተገኘው ውጤት የህብረተሰቡ ድጋፍ ከፍተኛ እንደነበር ጠቅሰው ሠራዊቱ እስከ ህይወት መሥዋዕትነት እንደከፈለም አዛዡ ጠቁመዋል፡፡

የግጭቶቹ ተጠርጣሪዎችን በቁጥጥር ሥር ለማዋል የሚደረገውን ጥረት መደገፍ የሰራዊቱ ትኩረት መሆኑን ጠቁመው ከየአካባቢው አስተዳደር ጋር በመቀናጀት ተፈናቃዮችን ወደ ቀዬአቸው መመለስና የደረሱ ሰብሎችን የመሰብሰብ ስራ እየተከናወነ መሆኑንም ገልጸዋል።

ከዚህ ባለፈም ሃገሪቱ ከሱዳን ጋር በምትዋሰንበት ድንበር በኩል የሚከሰተውን ህገ-ወጥ የሰዎች እና የጦር መሣሪያ ዝውውር በትኩረት እየተከታተለ መሆኑን አብራርተዋል፡፡


Six months after 159 Ethiopian children’s abduction in Gambela, 68 remain unaccounted! Instead TPLF is busy killing Ethiopian citizens!

15 Oct

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
UN News release

“We salute the aid that has been provided so far to the 91 freed children, but urge the Ethiopian authorities to ensure that all precautions are taken to return these children to their parents, extended families and communities, with the best interest of the child as a guiding principle,” underlined the two United Nations human rights experts.

“The future of children in the Gambella region will be forever compromised if they cannot grow in a peaceful and stable environment,” the experts warned

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Ethiopia-donors-UN agree 4.5 million Ethiopians now in need of food aid after poor rains; TPLF got lowest threshold

25 Aug

Editor’s Note:

    UN agencies and non-governmental organizations operating in Ethiopia know that this 4.5 million people in need of food aid figure is a heavily negotiated number. Otherwise, given the size of the areas affected by the drought, and especially agricultural lands in Gojam and Oromia facing drought and possible famine, the present number is very small.
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Ethiopians Openly Turn Against US & UK-Backed TPLF’s Land Seizures; Ermias’s Testimony, Many Others

13 Sep

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Hilary Matfess*, Foreign Policy; See Comments

Backed by U.S. development aid, the Ethiopian government is seizing land, demolishing homes, and cracking down on activists in a bid to expand its capital city.

“Yehun and Miriam have little hope for the future. We didn’t do anything and they destroyed our house,” Miriam told me. “We are appealing to the mayor but there have been no answers. The government does not know where we live now, so it is not possible for them to compensate us even if they wanted.”
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Ethiopia’s food security plan on leased lands proves illusory; only entailing deforestation, mass dislocation with no compensations

26 Nov

Editor’s Note:


    When it all started, many experts and Ethiopians in the diaspora knew it. Land grab and destruction of the natural vegetation was hardly in Ethiopia’s interests. After long patience and warnings, Gambelans set on fire an Indian-owned tea plantation and destroyed machinery, when the onwer started cutting trees and destroying the forests, in collusion with the officials, according to The Reporter.
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Is Saudi Star to go Verdanta’s way, rocked by financial crisis & over 2,000 workers dismissed?

10 Nov

በብርሃኑ ፈቃደ እና ውድነህ ዘነበ: ከሪፖርተር – የሳዑዲ ስታር ፕሮጀክት የፋይናንስ ቀውስ ውስጥ መግባቱ ተሰማ
Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory

    – የሳዑዲ ስታር ፕሮጀክት መጓተት ጥያቄ አስነስቷል

በጋምቤላ ክልል በግብርና ሥራ የተሰማራው የሼክ መሐመድ አል አሙዲ ኩባንያ ሳዑዲ ስታር የግብርና ልማት ኃላፊነቱ የተወሰነ የግል ማኅበር፣ የፋይናንስ ቀውስ ስላጋጠመው ፕሮጀክቱ ከመጓተቱም በላይ ከሁለት ሺሕ በላይ ሠራተኞች ከሥራ መፈናቀላቸው ታወቀ፡፡ ችግሩ ቢኖርም መፍትሔ እንደሚፈለግም እየተነገረ ነው፡፡
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Payback time ? Angry residents in Gambella set Indian-owned farm on fire, destroying farm properties

26 Oct

Editor’s Note:

    It is inescapable that we are constantly reminded of the deceptive words of Meles Zenawi through such angry reactions and destructions of deceived and victimized people. These are prices we have to pay as a nation for the bad and wrong policies of the TPLF and its minions. Such actions are retributions for the humiliation, repression, mistreatments and shameless deceptions our people have to put up with.
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Karuturi harvests fruits of land grab in Ethiopia, as army hunts down Gambela’s youth

28 Mar

Bloomberg By William Davison,

Karuturi Global Ltd. (KARG), the world’s largest rose grower, said it will borrow more than $100 million from a sovereign wealth fund to invest in farming in East Africa after selling its first produce from a plantation in Ethiopia.
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