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Indians in Saudi Arabia: A totally different treatment by the Saudis as well as by Indian state of its citizens

3 Dec

by Keffyalew Gebremedhin – The Ethiopia Observatory

A court in India has turned away Indians complaining in Saudi Arabia or someone else on their behalf, stating that not everyone who claims to be Indian could be repatriated. The court pointed out that an Indian providing only home address in India should be considered by the Indian embassy in Riyadh insufficient information to get him or her repatriated back home.
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Ethiopia’s food security plan on leased lands proves illusory; only entailing deforestation, mass dislocation with no compensations

26 Nov

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    When it all started, many experts and Ethiopians in the diaspora knew it. Land grab and destruction of the natural vegetation was hardly in Ethiopia’s interests. After long patience and warnings, Gambelans set on fire an Indian-owned tea plantation and destroyed machinery, when the onwer started cutting trees and destroying the forests, in collusion with the officials, according to The Reporter.
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Ethiopia’s Abundant Farming Investments Leave Many Still Hungry

9 Feb

By PBS’s Fred de Sam Lazaro

In Ethiopia, farms backed by foreign investors are growing with abundance, while native farmers subsist on food aid. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports about the unlikely abundance in a land known for famine.

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