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Much-needed comfort in these sad & dark days: Lesson for TPLF

9 Mar

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

The cow thanks the child for taking care of it during its life. It blesses the boy to be be safe from Woyane bullets!

This above picture is courtesy of Abbas Dini
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Ethiopia must provide justice for scores of protestors killed, injured & arrested in Oromia

14 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory
Amnesty International PUblic Statement

Amnesty International condemns the use of excessive force by security forces against peaceful protesters in a number of locations across the Oromia region during the last two weeks, which has resulted in the deaths and injuries of dozens of people including students and children. Many hundreds of protesters are reported to have been arbitrarily arrested, and are being detained incommunicado and without charge. Detainees are at risk of torture.
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