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From today’s briefing by Spokesperson of UN SG on TPLF war in Tigray Region

24 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)


On Ethiopia, I can tell you that we remain extremely concerned about the safety of civilians in the Tigray Region, especially the more than half a million people — including more than 200 aid workers — who remain in Mekelle following information that fighting might move into the city in the coming hours. 

We and our humanitarian partners in Ethiopia are urgently calling on all parties to the conflict to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law and protect civilians and civilian infrastructure, including health facilities and water systems. 

Our humanitarian colleagues also stress that it is urgent that all parties to the conflict enable the free and safe movement of affected people in search of safety and assistance, including across international and within national borders, regardless of their ethnic identification. 

We along with our partners in Ethiopia are ready to provide humanitarian assistance to people impacted by the conflict.  For this, free, safe and unhindered humanitarian access is urgently needed. 

We continue to receive reports of internal displacement.  Nearly 39,000 people have now fled to Sudan, including 17,000 children.  The response is scaling up, but the influx of arrivals is outpacing the capacity on the ground and additional funding is urgently needed. “

/UNSG Spokesperson https://www.un.org/press/en/2020/db201123.doc.htm

Nov. 23/2020

ሕዝብና ፓርላማው!                    የዐቢይ አስተዳደር ባደረገው ሣይሆን ባላደረገው በታሪክ ተፈራጅ ሆኖአል! ዛሬ ኢትዮጵያ መንግሥት አላትን?

16 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

የኦነግ ጎዳፋነት!

“ቁጭ ባለበት አባቴን ወስደው ቤቴ በራፍ ላይ ገደሉት! እረ የሕግ ያለህ ድረሱልን! የመንግሥት ያለህ ድረሱልን እያልን 17 ቀበሌ ታጥቆ ትጥቅ ይዞ መጥቶ ፤ ላያችን ላይ ተኩስ ሲከፍትብን ቡየቤቱ እየገባ ሲገድል፣ ምንም የማይሰማን ምንም አካል አጥተናል!…

“በሃገራችን የትምህርት ታሪክ እንዲህ ዐይነት የተማሪ ቁጥር ተፈናቅሎ አያውቅም!
በጣም ከፍተኛ ቁጥር ነው!”

በአደባባይ መስቀለኛ ላይ ፌዴራል ባለበት፣ ፖሊስ ባለበት ስንገደል ስንጨፈጨፍ ስንኖር የመጨረሻ አማራጭ የሆነው በየቤታችን ከየሱቃችን እየተወጣን ስንደበደብ፣ ፖሊሲና ኃይል አጅቦ ነበር ሲይስደበድበን የነበረው!”


ማፈር ብቻ? ተጠያቂነትስ?



Ethiopia is being destabilized by food insecurity and border disputes

10 May

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)
by Global Risks Insights

Again large parts of Southern Africa and Eastern Africa, including South-Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, Ethiopia, Somalia and parts of Kenya and Uganda, have been affected by the strengthening weather phenomenon El Nino. The drought has been persistent since November last year and has been causing major food security issues in the regions. While the drought is worst in the southern countries, East Africa is becoming increasingly unstable due to the fatal combination of famine, terrorist insurgencies, political pressure and regional instability.
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