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Jawar Mohammed is the Al-Baghdadi of Addis Not an Oromo Activist!

25 Nov

Posted by The Ethiopia Observatory (TEO)

(NY/NJ Ethiopians Task force) — Political/Social activists fight against injustice, suppression, and inequality and in the process, they give their lives to make life a little better for millions of others.

Two world famous activists are Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. While the former gave his life fighting for equality for African Americans in the USA, the latter spent twenty years of his life in prison fighting Apartheid. While activists may naturally belong to one religious group, they never encourage beheadings of followers of other religions, while they may belong to one ethnic group, they never encourage ethnic cleansing as a strategy for liberation. While they may belong to one gender, they never advocate for elimination of the opposite gender. Nelson Mandela was struggling against a system created by Europeans who came from a different continent, however he never encouraged native South Africans to kill white South Africans.

If we can ever call it activism, Jawar Mohammed’s activism was always different from the standard political/social activism. When the evil TPLF was in power killing, torturing and looting Ethiopians Jawar was speaking out against TPLF’s suppression via his news media, Oromo Media Network (OMN). However, he was also known for being ethnocentric and a religious fanatic.

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